Paine (Fairy) - Kingdom Hearts II


AmeCon 2007




Fairy cosplay! I loved doing these little chibis ^-^ After deciding to do the Lady Luck costumes we realised we could employ our contants and wigs and hair etc to these cute little chibi versions, and we got wings!

This costume was a really simple one to make, I bought the shorts to save time, made the belt buckle from Super Sculpey, added a couple of hundred studs to the wrap with a great deal of help from Lucie (my patience wore thin) added a pair of gloves, long socks and black boots topped with lovely little boottops I made to match. The only tricky bit was making the wings and getting the wrap to hang just right (I've seen some awful version of it)


stripey_dani posted on 22 April, 2008 - 00:20
You make an awesome Paine ^^ Love your group!