Paine (Lady Luck) - FFX-2


AmeCon 2007




Paine Lady Luck! What can I say this was somewhat mad. We wanted to do a cosplay group that we could enter into the masquerade. It was hard to find something that had three girls and with one which could be tackled in either dreadlocks or with a large hat (for Momo is a dreadhead, such a bane for cosplay choises) Eventually we decided on the FFX-2 girls, and after much deciding we went for the slutty costumes, because slutty is entertaining.

I has major resevations about doing this costume as it was far far skimpier than I'm really comfortable with. I have no issues with nudity myself, but I knew we would get a lot of attention in these, and I was self concious about my small bust. The hardest part was the effort it took me to get my hair silver white. It was black at the beginning, and it took 6 months of careful bleaching, dying, and toning (with an awful lot of conditioning treatments) to get it silvery enough.

The costume is relatively simple, though the main body was a rather tricky pattern to get right, especially with my lack of bust >.< The main body is a leatherette, lined with cotton, with a deep blue crushed poly velvet skirt worn over thigh high leather boots. Paired with a matching blue crushed velvet collar and Paine's necklace (official merch) A blue feather fascinator finishes off my silver hair and I wore red lenses.


Odd-One-Out posted on 19 March, 2008 - 16:36
I have to praise you for being brave enough to expose your chest for a costume :)

stripey_dani posted on 19 March, 2008 - 21:45
Eeeee love it! I need 2 more people to do a FFX-2 group sometime x3

GraceyDarling posted on 20 March, 2008 - 16:28
ohh you all look so greatt :) your paine costume is amazing X_x

Hexi posted on 13 April, 2008 - 20:07
Man, i bet you got some wolf whistles! >w< good job with the top.

Lozzie posted on 18 June, 2008 - 06:59
This is one of my favourite of your cosplays. Its such a beautiful costume, not many people (including me) could pull it off, but you did an amazing job!

Amy-Lou posted on 24 June, 2008 - 12:18
Is there a seam in the bust of the dress? I've never been able to get a smooth bust in leatherette. You look lovely as Paine. Serious dedication spending that long on the hair colour :)

Fables posted on 1 February, 2010 - 13:15
Eee you all look great!! I'm very very impressed you made the bust part the right shape, and the fabric on the bottom half looks gorgeous! I want to stroke it, it looks so soft haha!

FuriePhoenix posted on 18 November, 2011 - 20:21
you look great as Paine! Its also good to see YRP together in one group!