Enma Ai (Season 1, kimono) - Jigoku Shoujo





Odd-One-Out posted on 18 March, 2008 - 17:37
Jigoku Shoujo... definitely a spooky yet stunning cosplay you have planned here!

animeaddict posted on 8 April, 2008 - 21:33
my friends are obssesed with Jigoku Shoujo its quite amuseing anyways, i've sen the costume so hav fun i can't wait to se what it looks like

Littlerascal92 posted on 26 April, 2009 - 10:28
ah her kimono is quite amazing , can't wait to see this !

InfiniteJester posted on 19 January, 2010 - 18:19
awww wow i not seen a hell girl before tis awesome!