Kairi (Pink) - Kingdom hearts 2


AmeCon 2007




With the up and comming Amecon 2007 i decided to make one of my current favourite characters - Kairi from kh2 in both her school uniform and her pink battle outfit (as well as the keyblade).

Made in two parts - a white underdress and a pink zip up over dress completion took 2 weeks from start to finnish. hardest part was doing the hem on the top part of the dress - trying to firstly figure out the pattern by zooming on screen shots was annoying then having to actually sew it correctly. easiest part was actually the bag and belt. it was alot of fun and spurred me on to make everything else!


Fyria posted on 12 March, 2013 - 02:38
I still have much love for your Kairi keyblade.