Tsumugi Kotobuki (Don't be Lazy) - K-ON!


Very simple outfit, it really did not take a lot of time to make if added the few hours here and there it might of totalled up to maybe 2-3 days. Most time taken up adding the stripes on.

I would say the worst part of the outfit is the hand-made ruffles on the strap.

Fun part to make was sewing the white strip on the flat front right panel of the dress.

Fabric used Duchess Satin about £7 per mtr
Shiny high heeled shoes (which killed me by the end of the ball)
Wig with ponytail extension about £10 + £5 for the tail (items was for another character which I never used it for)
Black Elegant gloves £12-ish
Tights (was hard to find) £14 would of bought it online but left it last minute...

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