France (Francis Bonnefoy) ((Secret!!)) - Axis Power Hetalia

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FushiCon 2011




I was going to the the original design of France.. But then I decided I didn't want to and so i'm making a version i'm keeping a secret :3 Though I'll take photos and upload them as I go along~ So i'm sure it'll be obvious soon enough n_n
I am also making a matching England cosplay that will go with this, photos will be uploaded to another account when I get to making it..


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Progress Journal

18th May 2011

Something I just had to buy...

Best. Mug. Ever... 8D
I so will drink from this in my France cosplay to scare any little Englands who happen to walk past~ >3

It was the only one left~ XD *so proud of grabbing it*
I know it's meant to be for football~ <3 I still laugh at it though~

18th May 2011

Fabric Preview

Exactly what the title says~ Just a preview of the material i'll be using. It's a little expensive, but I can't wait to get started properly on this project~