Anna Williams (Zebra suit) - Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion





Anna is my favourite character from the Tekken series.I've wanted to do this costume for ages, as it's my favourite outfit of hers, and have been on the search for stretch zebra print fabric for a good while. I finally found some on a trip to the big fabric store we visit, and couldn't wait to get started!

I managed to cut, pin and sew the stripey part of the suit together in an evening, and I also did a lining in white lycra too, to prevent the suit being see-through at all. I wish I'd made the legs of the suit a little longer, but oh well. It doesn't look too bad, I guess! I also added the black zip in at the front, and for the ring, I used a curtain ring which I split in two, ran wire through and then attached it to the zipper after putting the ring back together again. I then folded two long strips of fake fur over and sewed them to the neckline, and they travel down to the back of the suit to make the furry shoulders. They are nice and cosy!

The gloves were an old black pair that I owned, so I cut some strips of fur and handsewed them to the hem. The hat was just a big piece of fur sewn into the right shape, taking account for the wig I'm wearing too. I made the necklace out of craft foam, and etched the design into it using a pin. I then glued two big blue beads to it - one on the actual necklace part and one on the pendant piece - as they were pretty much what I was looking for in the fabric store! I then attached the pendant piece with wire, and attached a hook and eye so that the necklace would close at the back.

The wig was one that I already owned, bought by my boyfriend a while ago. <3 As for the shoes,my sister, Mungojerrie, was having a clear-out of her bedroom and found what could have been a really good pair of shoes for this cosplay, except she could only find one of them! :( So after some searching, she found the perfect ones for me on eBay, but unfortunately I don't have the money right now so they'll have to wait until I can buy them. Fortunately, I have a suitable pair I can use until then!

All in all, I'm happy with how this cosplay turned out, despite the fact that I wish I could change a few things. Oh well!


Mungojerrie posted on 3 April, 2010 - 01:29
Pictures damn youuuuu!

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