Siesta 45 - Umineko no Naku Koro ni


Amecon 2010


Felixize posted on 17 August, 2010 - 22:47
You make an adorable Siesta 45~! And you did such a great job on the costume, however you got the ears to stand up they look GREAT! I think I told you as much in person, if this is indeed you in the photo's I took: http://let-it-shine.deviantart.com/art/Afternoon-Siesta-175749042 Hope you like it~ :3

Neverforever posted on 21 August, 2010 - 21:21
Thank you ^//^ and thats an amazing photo! Thank you so much for taking it, its so light and colourful! X3

gaming_goddess posted on 7 June, 2011 - 23:20
I saw this at ame and thought it was so sexy and beautiful! Really love this outfit. The photos are gorgeous also!

Neverforever posted on 8 June, 2011 - 10:03
Thank you ^^~

InfiniteJester posted on 13 July, 2011 - 23:03
looks awesome, you really suit the siestas :)

Neverforever posted on 14 July, 2011 - 09:47
ah thank you so much ^^~

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