Super Smash Brothers Brawl

Cosplayer: Shinigami_ky

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

AyaCon 2013

10th August 2013: Pit, BB, HOW THE HELL DO YOUR CLOTHES WORK Okay so currently I have 8 pictures of Pit open on my computer and I'm flicking between them going WHAT EVEN IS YOUR TOGA BOY.
I eventually managed to figure out something that approaches accurate, I think, I'm still not entirely happy with it but I've used nearly three metres of white cotton to get to this point so it will simply have to do.

Pit's outer toga is cut, I'm still debating hemming it as it's not so much a garment as a carefully shaped wrap, and a lot of it ends up bunched so there's not a lot of need for hemming. I've sewn what needs sewing, but it's essentially just going to be wrapped around me on the day - the old fashioned way!

The under toga is cut and sewn and the trim is added and half painted, so all I need to do to that is paint the other half. SO hurrah!

His brooch and hand shield have been made and are drying, and his arm bands are partway done.

Left to do;
- all of the shoes
- another coat on the cuffs, neatening them up and fabric adding
- shield and brooch need sanding and painting
- leggings need cropping and hemming
- hairpiece needs making and painting
- wig needs styling
- belt buckle is made but it needs a belt to go in it
- arm and leg cuffs need making
- scarf

Less than a week to go.... ahahahahahahahahaha

5th August 2013: Woop! Pit is officially IN PROGRESS.

His wings are complete and all the shopping has been done, now I just have to... make the rest of it... here goes!