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the one by kitsune cosplay is me too. Kitsune Cosplay is the name of our cosplay group.


JakeX posted on 6 June, 2010 - 18:00
I love that head!!!! :D Omfg thats so cute!......*retains manly-ness*. Love the progress hope to see it all soon (Y)

rosieroo posted on 15 June, 2011 - 13:01
awwwwwwwwwwwwwww stitch - i love him - u look adorable x

Tsuchinoko posted on 4 September, 2011 - 22:17
This is great, I love Stitch and you did a great job of the details of his face. Brilliant cosplay! ^_^

Angelphie posted on 28 September, 2011 - 20:46
So cute and you really got it spot-on!

stitchlover12345 posted on 13 August, 2013 - 03:11
hey were did you get the suplies for your head i am making a stitch costume too and cant find the items for the head

Progress Journal

24th May 2010

head complete

ive added the teeth and nose. he looks so cute!

24th May 2010

feet complete

i made the feet from foam.

24th May 2010


bodysuit complete, just needs hemming

24th May 2010

sewing machine the body suit

sewing the bodysuit

24th May 2010


i made the ears from foam

24th May 2010

making claws and teeth

making claws and teeth from fimo

24th May 2010

head progress 3

i have glued fur onto his head. it has a moving jaw

24th May 2010

head progress 2

head progress 2

24th May 2010

head progress

head progress 1