Belarus//Natalya Arlovskaya - Hetalia Axis Powers




XD I shouldn't be doing Belarus.
I should be focusing on my England( female and male ) cosplays.. >.<; but..
I LOOK LIKE HER GOD DAMNIT. And her outfit is just amazing :3 And to act like her would be so much fun~

I also realised something really weird.
It's as if I'm Ukraine in my family. Cuz I have a younger brother, who's the middle child, and a younger sister, the youngest of us.
AND WE ALL HAVE BLONDE HAIR xD plus my sister spends more time with my brother than I do. But she doesn't want to marry him XDD

But I have long hair, not short, so I'm better suited as Belarus xP
Hehehe, I'm wearing a bow in my hair right now actually.

I'll try finding parts of the dress rather than buying the whole thing or making it. Second choice is buying it, but that'll probably cost a lot T_T

Okay so. Things have changed..
I've chosen to buy the outfit.
And I'll prolly get a wig, too Ox no idea where or how i'll keep it so it's safe but...yeah XD
My hair's prolly getting cut sooo yeah ^_^;
Shoes should arrive soon! I found better ones but then they were bought *cries* but these ones should work too ^_^

///UPDATE 18TH FEBRUARY 2011: Cosplay is now COMPLETE! :D Asides from a sunflower I want that is~ XD and a flag pole, but, I'ma get one of those for Hungary in May, so~ xP
^_^ I hope to see you at expo tomorrow~~! xx

MCM Expo - Telford, 19th February 2011
Studio 12 - Leeds Library, 21st February 2011
MCM Expo - London, 29th May 2011


paintedapples11 posted on 22 March, 2010 - 12:38
your not the only one who loves belarus outfit : D soo pretty x3 i hope you get all you cosplays done. i want to do lots and lots as well but i never get round to it >.< so many good ones XD

MoonLily posted on 25 March, 2010 - 01:06
Oh yes! She really suits you actually! <3

Enchanting_ELK posted on 25 March, 2010 - 01:17
@paintedapples11 haha :P I know, It's so beautiful~ Haha, thankies~ me too xP lol I know what you mean ^^; I'm like 'Argh!! Which should I focus on mainly?!' atm lol. @MoonLily :D Haha, Thankies~ I'm glad to hear that actually, because I wasn't sure XD

LuciaDuvant posted on 18 November, 2010 - 00:30
you keep threatening me with this outfit *russia hides* XD

Enchanting_ELK posted on 19 November, 2010 - 17:24
@LuciaDuvant >83 Indeed I do~~ ONII-SAN!!! 8D I'm wearing a casual version right this moment funnily enough x'D

Ranma1-2 posted on 3 February, 2011 - 09:55
Im hoping to see this at Midlands Expo. That darn dress better arrive in time!!

Enchanting_ELK posted on 4 February, 2011 - 02:52
@Ranma1-2 Haha :'D I really hope it does!! It's in transit at the mo~ I'm guessing it should come around the 10th. Hopefully~! Thankyou!

Nachtangel posted on 14 February, 2011 - 19:20
The dress looks so good! <3

zabuza89 posted on 14 February, 2011 - 19:22
oh do want you in this XD

Enchanting_ELK posted on 14 February, 2011 - 21:07
Thankyou, Nachy~ ooh, I'm gonna call you that now, if it's alright~ x3 I know right, I love it ^^ Zabuza, lol whut?

zabuza89 posted on 14 February, 2011 - 21:09
XD just my way of saying i love it XD we never speak woman T_T

Enchanting_ELK posted on 18 February, 2011 - 20:57
@zabuza89 XD well then, thank you! Fuu, ikr Dx

HotshotShan posted on 21 February, 2011 - 21:01
You make such a gorgeously cute Belarus Char, MoonLily is right, she suits you. I mean a lot.

xJesikira posted on 22 February, 2011 - 20:02
I seriously love your Belarus...I think I've told you this both times I saw you wearing it xD so cute! a scary way of course :3

Ichigo-Chan posted on 22 February, 2011 - 20:21
As I said many times, you looked so cute in this cosplay. Dress really suits you well.

Enchanting_ELK posted on 23 February, 2011 - 00:21
Waaa~ >w< Thank you all so much for the amazing comments. Made my day when I was feeling horrible due to being ill. ^_^! *hugs all*

sjbonnar posted on 23 February, 2011 - 12:19
From one Russia to a Belarus... *runs away* (I mean, you're an amazing Belarus ;-) )

To-Do List

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Progress Journal

22nd February 2011

Expo and Photoshoot!

...were really awesome. :'D

So obviously I managed to finish the outfit in time. Huzzah!
The gloves I spent £15 on in M&S Dx but they are really nice ^^ and I can use them for England too~
The knife is actually rubbery xD £2.50( i think ) from Amazing Party co.
Stockings were from Wilkinsons for £2.49( again, I think so XD ). Was worried with them being only 15 denier that they would be too light D: but I think they work actually ^^

So~ Expo~~:
Set off from Rachel's house at 6am ( slept over the night before, albeit we didn't have much sleep xD Rachel played a game which included clowns xD while Sammy and I chatted to Cleverbot as Italy and Belarus. Cleverbot- as Russia- said he'd marry Belarus :'D and in the case of Italy, Cleverbot was a few people at first, but it eventually decided on America. Lmao, oh the lols we got from that! We actually got America to say "I love England!", after he avoided the question for ages X'D Sammy saved the conversation. ) and when we stepped outside... fml, it was snowing. |:

Well, Belarus wasn't complaining much XD
Everyone else was.

We got out of it eventually though ^^ and then.. it started pouring with heavy rain Dx
After getting lost and ending up in Wolverhampton( Rachel's Dad drove us XD ), we finally made it to the expo! :D
Got in the Early Entry queue with Sammy, while Rachel and her chibi brother Matthew had to buy their tickets.
Met an Amu and Utau ^^ the Amu of who actually knew who I was :'D they were awesome to chat to ^^ then saw Claire in the queue aswell! :D I was surprised to find that Sammy knew her aswell O: they were doing fem!Beybladers x3 Tyson and Kai~!
A bit further into the queue, we found a Canada( ikr? That's an epic achievement right there! ) who I actually knew aswell! XD And Belarus was then attacked by a Storm Trooper.
Knife VS Gun.
..yeah. Dx

Got in the hall, and scowered it for Russia's 8D met up with Sammy's friend who was being fem!Max from Beyblade, and Rachel and Matthew found us again!
My videos from this point in time completely failed. ;^; Waaa!

And then I found one.
Lmao, he was just coming in from the queue, and I jumped on him x'D
This Russia was OmegaRFox 8D
Lmao, a similar thing happened later aswell, with the other Russia; saw them across the hall in the queue, and i nearly broke the barriers trying to get to them xD!
It was so much fun :'D I'm glad I wasn't feeling too shy this expo, unlike October, lmao~
Then my other friends were attacked by storm troopers, Sammy won a signed poster on stage, she got an America plushie which stripped a lot, and she started to create her own collection of countries xD ( Seychelles is England now? )
Oh and I was attacked by Storm Troopers again. Dx

I then found a lot of my other friends, cosplaying Hetalia characters, and hung out with them for an hour or so :D was awesome fun~! Lmao, going into the Wilkinsons with Poppy, Sophie, Sammy and Alex x'D that was interesting aswell. Spain: "I WANT A SNUGGIE!!" and making up reactions to people asking why we were 'dressed up'. :'D
Also, Sammy's awesome quote from a certain photo needs mentioning: "I'm a tomato farmer!"

:3 then did a little photoshoot with Poppy as Farmer!Spain. Lmao, we scowered the lobby part of the expo for stairs we could actually use. Couldn't find any, so we rebelled and used some anyway. xD
Sammy also took some good shots of me~! And so did Rachel outside ^^!

Then went back in the Dealers Room, and bought some copic pens xD I think i got the wrong sort actually..gah Dx
And I got more photos ^^! Also argued with the yaoi guy about buying yaoi xD damn, i think he remembered me from October aswell. Lmao~
Tried getting some photos of the winners in Masquerade, and then it was time to goooo! ;^;

Said my goodbyes( me taking the longest out of us all xD ), and we then left.
Lol, weather on the way back was horribly foggy Dx wtf weatherrrr. As my Belarus, France and Madame Red friend Sophie said to me afterwards on FB; England is PMSing. XD
I felt really badly ill on the way home though Dx I was ill before, but I think I overdid it by going to expo.
We got back to Leeds around 8pm I think. XD

^_^ Thank you to all who I hung out with~! You were all really awesome! Same goes to those I met! :D

Had this on Monday. It's basically for a book that'll be published about cosplay in the libraries! ^^ And I'll be getting my own copy~!
I took Liz Thompson and Belarus.
But forgot my tie for Liz!/gutted.
Still, her photos are ace :'3 so are Belarus'!
^^ Do look out for the book, I'm going to say when it's out and stuffs!

After the photoshoot we went to Yo!Sushi, which was sooo fun XD! WONKY WALRUSES! Lmao. Chopsticks are great fun 8'D

Alrighty, that'll do, da?
Thanks for reading! ^_^
xx ChaRAWR xx
P.S. Happy 11th birthday to my sister for yesterday ^^ and Happy Cat Day for today!

14th February 2011

My main outfit has arrived!

And I love it! ^_^
I added new photos~ but I do plan to get some better ones. Perhaps this weekend at expo, da? ^^
Speaking of expo, if you do see me there, please feel free to say hello~ and take photos! 8D

So I&#039;ve just got to get 3 things and this is done ^^!

1. Gloves.
In the photos you&#039;ll see I&#039;m wearing stripey gloves XD lol improvising ftw. I really need to find some leather ones in time &gt;.&lt;; i suppose if i don&#039;t find any in time, it&#039;ll be ok, but because I know I need them, it&#039;s going to bug me if I am without them! Found some for £10 in Tesco, but they are A) expensive and B) have gold stud things at the wrist parts. I wonder if i can find some on eBay that&#039;re in the UK...

2. Knife. I have a feeling this will be hard to find an accurate one of( weirdly O.o ), so, I&#039;ll probably have to make it. Maybe I can find a cheap prop for expo though XD

3. Stockings. I do have tights, so, if I cannot get stockings in time I shall simply use them. The stockings I want for slipping the knife into ;D hehe.

^_^ - Char xXx
PS. I had the most awesome weekend~ finally met my brilliant boyfriend ^_^ xx


3rd February 2011


Not done a journal since July last year O.O bloody hell.
Well, I've ordered my outfit, and after waiting for it to be custom made, it has now been shipped ^^! I hope it arrives soon! I gotta raise a bit of money to pay my dad back for it though. Most of it was paid from my xmas money my Nana gave me. I owe him around £16 I think it was XD so not too much atleast. Ugh, i'm so skint. ;^; But anyway:
And, the other day I got my wig! It looks a little too blonde to me when I wear it O.o but when looking at it on the wig head, it looks fine...SO I DO NOT UNDERSTAND IT XDD!

There's samstar1990's Hetalia Murder Mystery Night this Saturday~ so because the outfit wont arrive in time, I'll be doing a casual. But atleast I have my wig for it :D the reason for a wig btw, was because my hair is pretty much falling out it's so damaged Dx so I need to get it cut and cared for :]
Soo guess that's it for now. Hopefully cooking on Friday, but looks like I need to get the ingredients myself and travel to my Nana's on a bus D: my Dad's away. Ffff, I did tell him about this ¬.¬;
Unless I like, use my friend's kitchen x'D don't know if her mum would be ok with it though.

Anyway, enough babbling :P
Will update again when I have more progress~!
Until then,
Da spatkannia.

- Char. xXx

7th July 2010


I'll be getting this one I hope~
BIG thank you to DaniChan for helping me find a cheaper one! Seriously :D thank you~
But, I have no idea WHEN I'll be getting it.. D8 considering I have to finish my Pirate!Igiko cosplay( it's almost done ^^ just props ), Chibirisu( about a quarter done.. ), and get my Liz Thompson cosplay, for October... and then also have my gijinka butterfree done for November..
All I can hope for is EMA. I need to hurry up an' apply for that soon actually xD yes Char, that would help. Ugh, it's just, last year was so much effort for NOTHING D'8
I just have no idea what's happening with the courses i wanna do..
I wont jinx anything yet, but, this is the base idea... i wanna get it now tho, oh so badly xD
<3 Char

25th March 2010

Considering Just Buying it..
That's the cheapest I can find, and I really love it x3
So I might just buy it.. of course, I will have to save up for about 2 months or 3 months. But.. it'd be totally worth it<3

x ChaRAWR x