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This is the outfit you see her in mostly. The one with the beige or black jumper, white blouse, red or red plaid skirt, and red or red plaid bow or tie.
I'm not sure what to do about the socks and shoes XD must find more pictures! But probably knee-high black socks, and some form of black shoes..
But yeah, I really wanna do this version at some point :3
What would you call the outfit? Casual? O.o It's not really the school uniform lol.


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26th April 2010

May Expo...

So i'm considering wearing this to London MCM Expo May 2010, but, after wearing this yesterday in York when it was fairly hot, I'm sort of changing my mind...
I went to McDonalds and got really hot in there Dx and I imagine that it was either the same temperature as or hotter than an expo in there. So I'm just worried I over-heat Dx
I'd love to wear it, tho.
What do you think? I could wear one of my punk versions, that would be fine ^^ but I doubt many people would recognise me then..

Also, today I went for an eye test, and got told I have a mild perscription for short sighted vision. So I'm getting some glasses on Thursday!! 8D FINALLY! XD
They're not completely red liek I wanted. They have black too. The red is around the insides XD I wish i cud turn them inside out! haha. But I think they are pretty cool, and would suit Igiko ok ^^

ALSO, I wore converse yesterday in York, because my feet hurt from pumps on Saturday. They both started bleeding at the heels so i have plasters on D: I would prefer pumps but.. they hurt T_T i might use them just for photoshoots but not expos. Or get better shoes XD

x ChaRAWR x