Astha ( yes , again >> ) (trench coat / anime) - Trinity Blood





My favourite female character from anything eevvveerrrr!! Astha love all the way. I did a very rushed, basic version of this for October Expo 2009 - though it was good enough for VA Troy Baker ( Abel Nightroad ) whom I met at the signing, to reckognise my Astha attempt and say he loved my leather pants xD!

He was a right sweetie <3

Anyways, this is mostly sort of done - Just need to make the actual trench coat, a better choker and neaten my wig up. I picked a more yellow colour for the wig, as opposed to the artbook white as I was aiming more for the ' anime ' look. In the anime, Astha's hair is a much darker blonde. ( Unless I'm daltonian! )


Sephirayne posted on 29 March, 2010 - 16:04
Awesome. Love Astra. Can't wait to see you do this version.

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