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Amecon 2010


This is officially my second fave cosplay, even though I fail so much in it -single emo tear- you know what I'm talking about cheetos.
First cosplay I made thats like... 90% made completely from scratch *w*
And the plushie is made by Hannah-Kiwii :3

Hannah-Kiwii posted on 16 March, 2010 - 17:25

nilly posted on 17 March, 2010 - 15:51
OH MY GOSH 8D yay >8D When you next cosplaying sora? we should have another photoshoot again in the park ^^

Hannah-Kiwii posted on 18 March, 2010 - 16:46
I will cosplay Sora whenever you cosplay this! Assuming we're both gonna be there XD I'll remake the top and get a wig probably

ProbablyHeather posted on 20 March, 2010 - 11:16
Sundaaaay? Can't wait to see 8D 8D

ProbablyHeather posted on 18 April, 2010 - 20:59
YAY for progress! 8D My Davis has ZERO progress >>;;;

nilly posted on 28 April, 2010 - 10:39
Hooray :3 and oh noes... but at least you have some gloves now 8DD *awesome*

ProbablyHeather posted on 9 May, 2010 - 18:21
This is looking good so far! 8D Can't wait to see it complete~!

nilly posted on 9 May, 2010 - 19:15
thanks youu~~ Wont be long nowwww >D *runs away from the computer and sews some more*

ProbablyHeather posted on 20 May, 2010 - 22:48
O wow 8D This is looking rly great! Great job~!

ProbablyHeather posted on 18 August, 2010 - 00:29
I love the photo that you put up first <33 Its a rly pretty photo *----*

nilly posted on 18 August, 2010 - 10:10
Ta~ :'3 the editing is so awesome~ *o*

Get fabric and a pattern
Cut out fabric and sew
Make the hat
Buy a belt and gloves

Total cost: £0.00

20th May 2010

Hat Troubles :/

Iv made the .. 'base' of the hat, if you can call it that XD i just added cardboard to one of those hats like what TK wears in his older design, it looks alright and the shape flows and stuff, but its too small... hmmm... but i dont have time to re-do it ...

8th May 2010

Yay, progress :3

Yes ;D the top half is complete, now all I have to do is cut out the bottom skirt half, sew that to the top, sew down all the sides, make the poncho thingy, mod some ugg boots and make the hat, so Id say im just under 1/3 complete now :3

18th April 2010

Pattern troubles?

I took out the patterns i bought for this (first time buying patterns lol) and for about half an hour i just stared at it with a confused look on my face xD but I had a breakthrough in the end and I understood which pieces i had to use for which variation of the dress i wanted to do. Most of the fabric is cut out now and iv started sewing the parts of the top half xD yay, progress :3

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