Astha (Red Masquerade Dress) - Trinity Blood


....Because I gave up trying to find a character I liked which was ' Arabian Themed ' and it's about time my 2nd TB attempt rolled on!!

I have relative confidence I will be able to make this...somehow!!


The corset I will just buy and add things to...

The pouffy skirt and bustles should hopefully be doable...

*sweats nervously* Hopefully it will not be a massive fail...I LOVE Astha, she's one of my fave female characters ever, it would be nice to do her justice xD!!

random link I need

Also, if anyone happens to have any other ref pics of this dress of hers, I would be most appreciative if you could find it in your kind heart to share it with me x33

Sephirayne posted on 5 January, 2011 - 13:30
Really would love to see this. One of my fav outfits of hers.

Jyagaimo posted on 5 September, 2011 - 23:15
This dress looks beautiful! ;3; it'll be amazing when done!

get maetrials and relevant patterns for bustle skirt..thingy!
make the jewellery/style the wig!
buy beads & pearls.....LOTS AND LOTS
buy feather boa & arm warmer/gloves
buy base corset
buy wig

Total cost: £0.00

11th October 2010

Wig & base corset bought!

The wig, looks nice, but as I am going to cannibalise it into a massive beehive of doom...I really didn't go all out on quality! Same with the corset! Found a nice red one on ebay for cheap with the correct shape. I'll be adding all the designs onto it anyway so...Hopefull work on those can start as soon as they arrive!!

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