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Wore this to JCC 2010.
Might reuse it to another convention, but only as part of a group or as a spare outfit.

Many people mistake this Chihaya variant as something copied from the fanmade vocaloid "Kaiko" (Kaito's genderbend) this is because Kaiko's outfit is based on Chihaya's. It's one of the reasons I chose this variant, as it means I can possibly reuse it for a quick Kaiko. ^_^

InfiniteJester posted on 20 March, 2010 - 10:02
AWW this si cute, no idea who she is but cute anyways

Sorceress-Eiva posted on 21 May, 2010 - 17:23
Thanks for the comment, and I totally agree - iM@S needs waaaay more love. Can't wait to see this finished! (maybe one day I can throw together Miki's Cute&Girly costume and we can get together or something 8D)

InfiniteJester posted on 28 May, 2010 - 17:20
ooo lookin gooood i like ur dress!

InfiniteJester posted on 9 June, 2010 - 19:32
oo the cape is cute, wonderin how u made it as i have to make summat similar for one o my cosplays?

Koiice posted on 24 April, 2011 - 16:14
Is this a fanart? Because I know that as Kaiko's (vocaloid) dress. It is a majorly cute dress, I have one myself xD well done ^^

Drachryn posted on 24 April, 2011 - 16:31
Kaiko is a fanmade vocaloid. Her dress was based off Chihaya's (not the other way round like many people seem to assume!) So, Chihaya's came first =P I do like Kaiko's modified version though. I prefer the art of her in an outfit more like Kaito's but with oversized sleeves more. I might actually put "Kaiko" shots up on my DA with this when my Kaito wig arrives.

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Make dress
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Get brown contact lenses

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