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Lady-Aira posted on 19 December, 2008 - 08:07
yay another starfox cosplayer ^^ I can't way to see the finish result!! Me and my bf are planning a starfox group for London expo in May ^^

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Progress Journal

30th May 2011

Minor Note

With luck Fox might make a 2012 appearance at MinamiCon 18. I REALLY need to work on my cosplays more but just don't get chance as my family are forever getting in the way. Might work on him at a friends house instead.

25th May 2010

Minor Note

Well bugger, I managed to dye twice as much fabric as I needed. that was a waste of £15 (£30 for fabric and dye). That's going to add to the bill >_<

24th May 2010

Progress 4

Finally got around to finishing the pattern for the flight suit yesterday. I'm being rather anal about my sewing right now, which is why only the back of the flight suit is done. I did cut out the fabric for the front though, just haven't started sewing it. Will hopefully get some pictures in the next few days when it's done.

29th April 2010

Progress 3

I have some cotton drill fabric dyeing right now, which will be the lighter green on the flight suit. I'm using cotton drill and not polycotton, as it will dye better in the end and have a look closer to denim (which is bloody expensive in white). I've also figured out how to do the boots as well but will mention that once I start on them. Right now the flight suit comes first.

21st April 2010

Progress 2

Payday is next Wednesday (28th April) so I need to start gathering fabrics for the jacket and flight suit. I don't trust myself to work on the foam base for the head anymore, but thankfully someone has offered to help. It'll cost me about £70 but no matter, I'll still be required to add the fur though. I think the biggest problem right now will be making those damn boots and bracers >_<

28th March 2010

Progress 1

It's been about a year since I got something suitable to use as Fox's blaster. Sadly nothing else ever happened and MinamiCon 16 isn't far away. Fox is still on the list as he's the only cosplay I have fully planned right now. I will need to get my butt in gear if I want him to be done anytime soon, so next payday I'll be getting the fabric for his flight suit at last.