Katsura Kotarou - Gintama




Well, considering hitachiin accidently has a half finished blue kimono after the dying accident with my hakama and I apparently have quite an Elizabeth obsession...there's a chance this may happen at some point in the future so I suppose it's worth putting up here for now XD; At least I'd already have the socks from doing Shinpachi.

EDIT: I suppose it's about time I move this into 'in progress' considering half of it already seems done, seemingly by itself almost lol and this is bound to happen at some point...anyway, so far I have;
- socks (Shinpachi's socks)
- Sandles (also Shinpachi's, but I might buy a more accurate pair with the white straps soon, since they're the same as the black ones and only £2 from Primark)
- half finished kimono (most likely to be finished when I get round to buying some interfacing and when hitachiin has some free time to finish it)
- temporary wig...in the form of Yamazaki's hair, to be stolen off Suno XD; Although eventually when (if?) I have money again I'd prefer to get a longer wig myself, rather than be post-hair-theft Katsura XD;;
- Space Monster Stefan/mini Elizabeth...enough said

The main thing to left to do to compete this really is buying fabric, such as some yellow for the obi and the white fabric for the coat (and then bribing hitachiin with props into making it for me and finishing the kimono XD;) Then eventually (or in other words, once I've regained money after buying that) getting a proper wig...but I'm guessing that wont be for awhile yet.

EDIT [16-04-08]: Finally got around to buying some more sandles, this time more accurately in white. Also realised I actually have some interface (or rather, hitachiin has some I bought awhile back) so that's another thing off my list @.@ still need to buy some white material for the coat though and some yellow for the obi...that or some yellow dye, and eventually a wig. Slowly but surely coming together though XD

EDIT [29-05-08]: Feels like a long time since I edited this @.@ anyway, in the end, to solve the problem of having not-actually-white material for the coat and no long wig I settled on doing a different version of Katsura...which instead involved grey dye and stealing Suno-chan's Yamazaki wig, effectively killing two birds with one stone XD; Although it was just originally a solution to those problems the blue and grey colour scheme has really grown on me...although that could just have something to do with the fact that the grey fabric ended up sort of looking like nice suit material XD; terrorism in style...*ahem*
Moving this to complete now since the only things left to do are just small jobs, like actually fixing on the white inner coller and eventually buying an actual Katsura wig.


yami-no-neko posted on 16 April, 2008 - 15:55
awww what a cute elizabeth plush