Link (Invasion!) (most variants) - Legend of Zelda





This is for Southampton ReCon 2011! It's on the 14th September at Waterstones Above Bar, go on their website's events section for find out more!

So yes, I'm planning a Link invasion. Most of the people from my school's anime club have joined in, so there are going to be loads of us! I made all the costumes, bar Pink Link's which was made by the person wearing it.

We have:
Link (Animated) -
Red Link - (me!)
Blue Link -
Purple Link -
Green Link - Sammy (no account on CI or dA)
Shadow Link -
Pink female Link -
Link (Ocarina of Time older) -

Link (Pink haired) couldn't make it to ReCon...

Navis and Rupees made by me.
Decu Shield made by Animated Link.
Hylian Shields made by Blue Link.
Swords bought from Poundland.

A couple of videos of the group (filmed by Purple Link)


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