Rikku - Final Fantasy X


AmeCon 2008




Miiol as Wakka.
D as Tidus.


Anonymous posted on 14 March, 2008 - 16:36
To go with Sir Auron for a dad fantasy YA

1000014 posted on 12 July, 2008 - 23:45
wear those boots for Noodle. They are like mine and we can match ;)

Shazz posted on 12 July, 2008 - 23:46
ooh awesome! I was thinking they might work as well. I'd only need to slip boot covers over when I need them for Rikku too. Got to try and find some army style trousers now...

1000014 posted on 12 July, 2008 - 23:50
ebaay. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=260260805844&ssPageName=STRK:MEBI:IT&ih=016 are the ones Im going for. Khaki was my search. Love, Uncle Murdoc xx. xD

Shazz posted on 13 July, 2008 - 00:16
uwaaaa~~ Thank you, Murdoc!:DD I think I found some in my size woot.

timpey posted on 23 July, 2008 - 12:23
i think u picked just the right parts for the costume and the color is very accurate ^^

nanahara posted on 24 July, 2008 - 09:12
looking good, thats great progress so far

Zehphir posted on 24 July, 2008 - 12:19
Wow, looks really really goood =3

Shazz posted on 24 July, 2008 - 18:57
Thanks everyone!:3 I was worried I might not finish but now I'm confident I will! Timpey: thank you, I'm glad you think so! I'm such a perfectionist for things like that:/ You have no idea how many pairs of shorts I looked at on Ebay before I got these.

Anonymous posted on 25 July, 2008 - 15:39
I can't believe how perfect this is!?! T_______T you'r amazing cosplayer i'm envious *fist shaking*

1000014 posted on 6 August, 2008 - 01:01
arrgh! You look bloody amazing!! If I was a sly old fox..... Wait. Im Murdoc...

Anonymous posted on 6 August, 2008 - 12:23
the information says to go with WAKKA ya, not MURDOC :@ Shazz: It looks amazing!! If worst comes to worst use Lady boots and cover them?? :S There's a room we can use I read?? Seriously, it's wow!!

spike42 posted on 12 March, 2009 - 22:00
your agreat likness for rikku good job

leumas posted on 7 March, 2010 - 01:48
you make a good Rikku.You're really lucky to have had a Wakka and Kimyari,I've never seen either of those characters in the flesh