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I Wore This Once For Yorcos And My Friend Broke The Hooks! TT^TT


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Progress Journal

14th March 2010

The Trousers T_T

The Trousers Were Obviously The Hardest Part Of This Cosplay But I Enjoyed Making Them.

1st, I Got The Hooks From Hangers For Clothes xD AND 4 Pieces Of Cardboard :)

2nd, I Cut The Orange Fabric Into Strips (4) Which I Then Cut A Hole In At The End Of Each To Fold Over My Cardboard And Poke The Hook Through.

3rd, I Sewed The Orange Strips' end So The Carboard And Hook Stay Inside. (Repeat For Each Hook Arm Thing)

4th, I Got Inside The White Trousers And Sewed The Strips Of Fabric To Them. (Be Careful Not To Cut Yourself And Leave A Bit To Dangle!)

Hopefully It Should Turn Out Right :D