Anko (Chunin Exam) - Naruto [Yes, another one]





My first ' proper ' cosplay shall we say. It only took me so very long because I had to hand sew everything ! *cringe* My mum did help me a LOT on this - she has mad sewing skills!

The net top and top underneath that were bough from random stores!

The trench coat was a nightmare. We didn't have a pattern so my mother basically drew around me and made one herself ( she did a pretty good job in my opinion )

Then just your usual case of sewing everything together ( obviously !! ) The skirt was much easier. I used velcro to attach it as Anko has a strange black strap that connects her top to her skirt...thus velcro turned out to be very useful.

The net tights were carefully cut out fishnets sewn onto a black band of material to stop them fraying and going horrible wrong!

I ran out of time to try and make those leg armor things she had - so opted for easy , simply option, white leg warmers!!

I wore this at Otakon 2008, Zenkaicon 2008 ( USA cons ) and also at Ayacon 2009 briefly : D . I like Anko....I don't need to wear a wig or contacts for her xP!


Zelda posted on 14 March, 2010 - 19:01
Omg, i love her, and you did it amazingly ^^.

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