Princess Garnet til Alexandros XVII (Coronation Dress) - Final Fantasy IX

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I'm a masochist and haven't made this dress enough times yet.

I love this dress so much.

I can finally start this over the Summer! I make it a point not to do anything sewing related at Uni, so I've not had the chance to touch my sewing machine until now :)

Armed with metres of green embroidery floss...


Mungojerrie posted on 13 March, 2010 - 01:09
Omg you're doing this again? 8D Looking forward to seeing your new version, I've always loved the past ones you've done <3

Demented Kid posted on 13 March, 2010 - 02:51
Huh, wuh... Is it cause of those Caterpillars? XD Your dress was so pretty!!! But I do looove Duchess Satin~ My Kuja is actually being made out of Duchess Satin lolol Oh lordy.

Freyarule posted on 13 March, 2010 - 09:26

CrystalNeko posted on 13 March, 2010 - 17:16
@DKid: LOL, no not because of those caterpillars, they can be washed out xD But it was rushed and kinda badly made and so I want to remake it so that it's much better :'D NO I R PERFECTIONIST LALALA *shot*

Freyarule posted on 13 March, 2010 - 18:33
LOOOOL you and your perfectionist ways x3 first the ever changing tutu now this xD

Lady Bahamut posted on 13 March, 2010 - 19:17
I can't beleive your maing this AGAIN XD That's some dedication XD

Dusttee posted on 13 March, 2010 - 20:51
you crazy child you XD Can't believe your gonna make this again XD;; Though duchess satin is pretty <3

Emzone posted on 14 March, 2010 - 00:38
You are insane XD I can't wait to see this 8D

- posted on 31 August, 2011 - 13:30
This is going to look so amazing, i can't wait to see some more progress on this!

Sephirayne posted on 31 August, 2011 - 14:18
Yeap, your mad. But its a mad we like :D Can't wait to see. I'm sure it will be amazing and you'll look stunning.

Pandora-Chi posted on 31 August, 2011 - 14:42
I thought the other two version were really well done but I cannot wait for the epic progress of this! You are gonna look so so beautiful x

Raye-chan posted on 28 February, 2013 - 18:28
Can't wait to see your Garnet hun! :D

sarmander posted on 3 March, 2013 - 23:08
Ahh, such a shame you won't be able to make it for Gemucon! But I look forward to seeing it Aya instead, then, since you make such an awesomely pretty Garnet~ ^_^V

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Progress Journal

3rd March 2013


Not exactly progress, more of a "Hey! Look what I've acquired!" journal entry.
This is basically a repeat of what I've posted on Twitter/Instagram so please ignore, you've already seen this before if you follow me.

It's not as big as I thought, yet still more accurate than my old necklace!

Looking like this won't be done for Gemucon any more so am going to try for Ayacon. Mainly because it's very unlikely I will get a chance to do any sewing until the Summer holidays - too busy with Uni :(

31st August 2011

Hoop skirt!

They used nylon instead of tulle. Which I much prefer, but it's not as the description told me. Ah well XD

It's not very well laid out because I put it on, fought my way to one side of the room to the other over the junk on the floor OTL. The timer took the picture just as soon as I walked over there without preparing the skirt and stuff. But you get the idea!! XD;

29th August 2011

Hoop skirt

FYEAAAH trailing hoop skirt at last.

Reason why it's taken me ages to upload any progress on Version 3 Garnet was because the trailing hoop skirt put me off to no end. I was planning on making it because all the ones I found were over £40 and I couldn't justify it. However the loooovely Becca (ZombieNerdz) linked me a cheap one for around a tenner and I bought it instantly too!

Thank you lovely <3333

I don't normally post online pictures but I haven't got it yet and with no space in my room as it is, it's unlikely I will be able to get a picture of it anyway XD
Becca has a picture, so I know it looks pretty much as it does in the online pictures :B