Dagger / Princess Garnet til Alexandros XVII - Final Fantasy IX


Kupocon was approaching quickly and my fabric still hadn't arrived yet, then I got too lazy and lost motivation to do anything... Until the night before the convention. When I thought "Oh, I can't rewear Tifa, I've gained too much weight" and also "I hate working with stretchy fabric". SO, I made the white mage coat, starting from 11pm, finishing at 5am... Doing the final bits of hand sewing on the tube on the way to the convention. People think I wasn't going to make it, or it would look awful. But if you're gonna do anything you better do it right LOL.

I started off using KwikSew's 3273 pattern for the bodysuit. It only has one seam at the back which was most ideal. I used a matte lycra that I got from Tia Knight fabric, I discovered the colour by accident when making Rikku (FFX-2) as I found that orange lycra often came far too bright or shiny. This was perfect! I'm happy they still had some left years after I made Rikku. Unfortunately I made it a little too big, going to take it in at some point.

I didn't actually finish the other bits of the costume, I was kinda lazy xD. Putting this as complete until I can be bothered to finish it properly.

The coat was based off Yaya Han's M7373 pattern, which I actually have a lot of problems with getting the fit correct - this is my second time using it now. I have yet to modify it how I want it to fit me, but it's good as a base! Garnet's coat is more of a straight fit however I find it unflattering on my bodyshape, so I gave it some flare, hence using this pattern! I had to make the coat using what I had available as it was a last minute decision, so it was made out of cotton and double layered. The red detailing was made out of red cotton drill I actually wanted to use for another costume (so I'll need to buy more of it lol). The detailing was only top stitched for now, I might go back and satin stitch over it, as I really don't like the top stitch look. I modified the sleeves pattern to flare out. I used hook and eye tape for the fastening as her coat doesn't overlap and I didn't want a zip to be seen (nor had one available!).

I made the hood quite oversized and larger at the top than the bottom to get the pointed look hers has. The cowl bit is 3/4 of a circle and sewn into the hood. I made a bow that has a safety pin in the tie of the bow, which is how I also fasten the hood. I might sew the bow into the hood itself and then sew in a hook and eye fastening. Because it's a pain trying to safety pin the bow each time!

The gloves shoes I got off eBay.
The wig I already had - it was my Sailor Mars wig which I cut and styled. Originally a Natural Black Alex from Coscraft.

Emzone posted on 14 March, 2010 - 00:39
*w* *w* *w* is it sad that I know your icon is from the Coke advert? XDXD Can't wait to see this version 8D

CrystalNeko posted on 14 March, 2010 - 12:18
@Emi: ROFL, not at all... It's probably the only time Dagger has a happy face LOL.

Zelda posted on 11 May, 2010 - 23:22
Haha so true!!! Yay for more orange bodysuit wearers!!!! ^^ <3333333333333

Amy-Lou posted on 6 February, 2018 - 23:30
Super cute and insanely quick work! Making the coat flared was a nice touch.

Red boots
Orange lycra
2m bought
White cotton

Total cost: £46.65

4th February 2018

First wear

Worn at Kupocon!

4th February 2018

Hood 90%

Close up of the hood. I still had to finish making the bow at this point as it was just pinned together.

4th February 2018

Coat 90%

Just the hand sewing of the sleeves to go so that you can't see any top stitch!

4th February 2018

Coat 30%

First layer of the coat is done!

4th February 2018

Bodysuit 40%

It's such an ugly colour hahaaa, maybe one day I will finish it!

11th November 2013


I promise... I will one day cosplay as Dagger. I just want to remake Garnet one more time before then XD But hey, I bought this pattern because I couldn't be bothered to go to the cash point to get cash out and I just went into the shop to spend £1 which is way below the minimum for card so I just bought this pattern to eventually spur me onto making this costume :P

13th December 2010


Despite being around 4" high they are actually really really comfy! They're not 100% accurate but I don't care, I like this style and wanted to wear it on an everyday occasion anyway~ Plus they were only a fiver, can't argue with that!

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