Oz Vessalius (Schoolboy ) - Pandora Hearts - Omake




Loving the PH omakes XD

Anyway, the point of this is...due to the rising costs of stuff and the fact that I'm going to more cons this year, I need to cut down on the amount I spend on cosplays here and there...

But I dont want a cheapskate cosplay for the sake of price, that I won't actually enjoy doing.

Needless to say this fits the bill! Humourous and fun times at a resaonable price! XD <3

Anyways, on a more sensible/serious/non-rambling note...
I'm planning this for the Saturday of Expo, but I'll only be there for the afternoon.
I'll be with a Teacher!Gil (who is Sockfish here on cosplayisland) and I shall (hopefully) be bringing along special grilled meat bento <3 :3
(That depends on time and cooking skill..lol, but I'm determined to bring the bento that never was!)

Aaaand thats it rly ^^


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