Nia Teppelin (Princess Pre-time skip) - Gurren Lagann


KitaCon 2010


Actually making this costume for a Gurren Piece group where I will be Vivi cosplaying as Nia =D But figured since I had Nia wig to do time-skip version that I might go to Gurren Lagann shoot as Nia anyway, tis simple wig switch =D

Not a hard costume to be honest XD Fun though

Solaria posted on 11 March, 2010 - 13:03
Oooo looking very awesome 8D

Inuyoku posted on 11 March, 2010 - 13:16
this looks amazin so far :D

Ranma1-2 posted on 17 March, 2010 - 20:31
Great construction skills, street-angel. Would you mind telling me how you make your own custom gems please. I need to make some and your method looks really good... :)

Emzone posted on 30 March, 2010 - 00:10
You look so beautiful as Nia *w* Love this costume the pictures and you look amazing!

Suzunerd posted on 30 March, 2010 - 08:06
Cuteee nia XD

Ino posted on 31 March, 2010 - 18:18
You made a really lovely Nia! I really loved your pretty wig :) The photos from the GL shoot turned out really nice~~ ^_^

eva_fan posted on 31 March, 2010 - 20:16
You stilling planing to re-wear this for the GL group at Minami Con?

Anonymous posted on 25 April, 2010 - 21:33
You. Are. So. Beautiful.

Chii-ren posted on 22 June, 2010 - 21:23
you were an awesome nia, one of the best i've seen actually :)

Numta posted on 15 December, 2010 - 20:28
Awesome Nia!

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