Original Character - Bar One Brawl (OCs by Shinbios)


ok so this is the character that Dez (Shinbios) designed for me as part of his bar one brawler group,

I'm currently struggling to find Lycra in the right colours as the pic so i may have to resort to a more neon variant as i already have the lycra

but we'll see

Ninodog posted on 11 March, 2010 - 01:10
Just pop what you do on your journal and i can adjust the colours

14th March 2010

Brawler is a go...

OK so I've made a start on getting my pattern pieces together and getting some appropriate headphones, I'm still struggling with getting Lycra in a decent colour pink that doesn't have sparkly crap on it..... The pic is what I'm expecting the brawler to come out like, (Dez I'm really sorry I mutilated your beautiful artwork)but knowing me it'll probably look completely different...

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