Orochimaru - Naruto




At the moment iv started looking into how im going to make the clothes he wears, il be to be making them, so out comes the sewing machine, lol. Looking at wigs too, because the style is simple, it will be fairly easy to find a similar styled wig.
So my to buy list :
*Black polar neck top
*Black pants
*Material for knot and making shoes
*whitish face paint ehhehe :D

Ok thats my list for now, hopefully try and start it soon...:D


Ok just to say ive started gathering things for my orochimaru costume :D yayyyy!! quite excited!!!
I went out yesterday and while out shopping, found some black pants!! there was only one left ....*ray of light*"it was meant to be lolol, they look exactly like orochis! :D

I also went into a sewing shop to get fabric but there was so much choice i left it ...needing secong opinion so hopefully will capture deidei and take her with me to help me choose the right colour of orochis overall thing he wears lol. Not sure actually what colour to get, in the anime he wears are beige coloured one but ive seen alot of the ostumes on ebay as white..gahhhh confusled lol. When i got home i started experimenting with my white face powder and black eyeliner....oooh the fun :D ....hopfully when i sew it and look the part il be as good looking as orochi in an evil way mwahahah XD


Ok been sewing, gluing, cellotaping 4 days straight! *barely can open eyes from tiredness*. Okays here how it was planned out:

WIG: Went to the wig shop with Dei dei and found the perfect wig, in black..for ref it was called the madonna wig from *pauls hair shop manchester*, I put it on my friend and cut into it giving it some layers like orochis style.

TUNIC: Went to the fabric shop with my friend, after much contemplation, bought some light beige coloured fabric. But making it was slightly harder then it seemed in the pic T_T. Mum ended up helping me with the pattern..getting the sleeves right were the hardest part..but got there in the end..yayyyy!! After all the pattern was correct..i traced it onto the fabric..cut it..sewd it together..then ironed it...verrrrrry happy with it! :D That was that sorted phewwww. Ok now was the balck coller thing around the neck..

BLACK COLLER: Everyone ive seen, wheres the coller he wears under the tunic as part of the black top he wears. But its actually above it. So i decided to have a go at making it. It turned out to be the easiest thing to make out of all the costume. Started off by putting a sheet of newspaper with a hole cut out round my neck, then cut the paper until it looked like his saddle type coller. then traced it onto some black stretchy fabric (using stretchy is the best because it can stretch over ur head when its put on ^_^). Cut it out, then plumped it up with some cut out thick fabric, so it gave the coller abit of thickness. Then sewd it all together. Im really happy with this :D

SLIPPERS: Ok also very easy to make, except from getting my head around making it lol. Bought some cheap black flipflops from primark with a foamy sole (very important to get a foam sole). Then I did the upper part of the shoes in sections. Per foot was 3 patterns, no need from a sole as the flipflop was that. I then sewd them and instead of gluing them onto the sole, i used pins. Thats why foam is needed as it is easy to stick pins in. After doing each foot they were done yayyy!!

THE BOW >.< : THE HARDEST PART EVERRRRRR. ok i had the most trouble doing this! Firstly getting my head around making it was the part i struggled with most. I didnt want to use fabric, coz i tried abit and it didnt look right >.< I was trying to make it look exactly like the orochi one in the image i was using as ref. In the end i used pipe insulation, 2 coloured purples of spray, cellotape and paper... oh and string. Took 2 days to make but am verrrrry happy with it :D looks exactly like the ref pic :D

Well after all that was the earrings to make..i used fimo and chrome coloured paint. Bought bandages from the £1 shop yay :D and already had some white powder for his face from my L cosplay. I WAS DONEEEEEE :D

Ended up going to the Tokyopop recon at the waterstones in manchester :D great day..Deidei was with me ^_^ as well as my sisand other friend..ooh and Atachi wannabe was the *runs off incase he tries to hit me* hehheh joking joking ;D Had to walk from the arndale all the way to the waterstones ...funny seeing ppls faces XD Very happy i ended up winning best cosplay..plus got a certificate which is going to be framed on my wall heheheh yayyyyy!!!

I will put some more pics up as soon as i get some of the pics from my friends camera ^_^


Dei Dei posted on 25 March, 2008 - 00:26
Eeee I can't wait until you get going with this one! We can figure out the butt bows together!

Kietou posted on 5 April, 2008 - 00:35
Cool Make-up =] I really cant wait to see this, Orochimaru is such a sinister character =D How have you been anyway? P.S. You should well get some fake plastic snakes xD

Anime_Angel posted on 10 April, 2008 - 18:50
woh that is the best Orochimaru cosplay ever^_^ we're not worthy^_^

Dei Dei posted on 11 April, 2008 - 14:57
'I am OROCHIMARUUUUUUUUUUUUUU' Genius! This costume is fab Hun! Well worth the time you spent on it!

Anime_Angel posted on 14 September, 2008 - 15:55
Thanks^_^ your not the only one who said i was one of the best Misa's lol, I sure wished you entered your Orochimaru Costume, you'd have won first place^_^

Anime_Angel posted on 15 September, 2008 - 16:44
Nice, I just droped you a message because I don't know yer email so I gave you mine^_^

kairimoonlight posted on 16 September, 2008 - 17:18
hey again i do love your costume and you the best Orochimaru ever seen you like to come to mick my brother birthday cosplay meet up on the 27th September go have some friends dress out of Naurto.if you wnet to come if you do can you let me know.

kairimoonlight posted on 16 September, 2008 - 17:31
Me and Mick is do a Naurto Group do you wnet to join it we need Orochimaru , we go in the group is Naurto , sakura , and someone in the black and red thing and we need more poeple in it can you let me know if you wnet to join it that i can put your name on the list.

BadAssUke posted on 2 October, 2008 - 21:41
woah! you are one awesome orochimaru!!! ^-^ your the best orochimaru cosplayer ive ever seen!! =]

Sephirayne posted on 26 February, 2009 - 02:24
Wow! Very epic. I love the make-up. One of the best Orochimaru's I've seen

Captain_Marvelous posted on 26 February, 2009 - 10:38
I really love the picture on the far left were your sat down ^.^ you look amazing!!! *Orochimaru the most suggestivly sexually deviant character in Narubbles*

Jacobar posted on 30 June, 2009 - 13:14
This is AMAZING! Scary O.O, But AMAZING, I wanna cosplay orochimaru... xD You did very well!