Sasuke Uchiha (Genin (Blue)) - Naruto


Decided on doing genin Sasuke to accompany my friend's Hinata cosplay because I'm all nice like that (plus it's her first cosplay/Con-going!! ^ ^).

Hopefully later on shall attempt a Shippuuden but for now Genin Sasuke seems pretty awesome.
At first I really disliked Sasuke as a character when I first started watching Naruto,thought he was a complete ass. Then after the Death Valley battle I thought, okay, he's alright, though still was a bit annoyed at his win over Naruto.
Finally when we reach Shippuuden I like his character much more, seems much cooler, plus no more duck-butt hair :p

Anonymous posted on 16 June, 2010 - 19:46
Your version of Sasuke = WIN Although...just for the record Naruto's mine ;p

LadyEmber posted on 26 July, 2010 - 12:50
Hinata, your jealousy is near tangiable :P

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18th June 2010

Sasuke @ Expo

I REALLY enjoyed cosplaying Sasuke on the Sunday of MCM London. When I first agreed to cosplay him so myself and EmilyMai22 could do a joint Naruto cosplay together I was a bit reserved because for the past... ages I didn't really like Sasuke.. but after Expo he's really grown on me. Anyways, back on target, getting ready wasn't as stressful not as tricky as I thought it was going to be. Though safety pins were needed to fix the leg pouch in place.. Down side of Sasuke was that I had to keep vanishing to check that my compression shirt was still being covered by the skin-coloured shirt I was wearing over it, otherwise it could be seen though my shorts... NOT GOOD. And then the shorts kept falling down because the pouch was slipping, therefore exaserbating the aformentioned problem of the shirt being seen. And then it was really quite warm because I was having to wear an extra layer.. so I think next Sasuke-time I'll have to make sure to safety-pin more and wear a different coloured compression shirt. Surprisingly the Sharingan contacts gave me very few problems.. altough there is a limit for how long you should wear them for FOR A REASON... we wore them for.. an hour longer than reccomended because we were on trains and such... EYES WERE DYING!!! But Sasuke shall definitely be making a reappearance at future Expo's. He's to fun and emo not to ^ ^ <3

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