Rinoa Heartilly
Final Fantasy VIII

Cosplayer: Leonie Heartilly

Variant: Original bikini design

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

15th March 2010: Wig, contacts and make up I'm using the same wig, contacts and make-up as my original and SeeD Ball Rinoa to make the character recognizable still.

The highlights were hand-sewn into the wig myself and I trimmed the fringe and front feathering slightly.
My natural eye colour is blue so here I'm wearing brown Freshlook Colourblends contact lenses.
Make-up includes false eyelashes and making my eyebrows look thicker.

The only thing I did different was paint my toenails blue as obviously Rinoa wouldn't wear her boots to the pool/ beach lol

10th March 2010: Pet Pals magazine I quite liked the idea of Rinoa reading a Pet Pals magazine by the pool so I bought a general dog magazine from the market and covered the title with plain white paper. Then using basic markers and felt tip pens I added the new title, mentioned Timber (the Timber pet shop is where Rinoa bought Angelo and it's also where you can buy some of the issues of Pet Pals) and also threw in a mention of one of the limit breaks you can teach Angelo in the game "Wishing Star".

It doesn't look all that professional but I thought it was a fun touch.

3rd March 2010: Rubber ring complete Painting finished.

3rd March 2010: Rubber ring I bought a blue rubber swimming ring from ebay and hand painted on wings in the style of those on the back of Rinoa's duster. I used basic acrylic paint which worked well but if you blow-up and deflate the ring a few times it starts to crack and come off.

Photo shows the outline before I filled it in.

1st March 2010: Bikini I wanted the main colour of the bikini to be black to match her strappy top and shorts. I found a black bikini from New Look which has little blue beads on the straps and also comes with a blue bikini with black beads- mix and match!
The blue bikini has actually given me ideas to do a Jill Valentine bikini version, oh dear XD Maybe one day.

I might add a blue sarong for when she's not in the pool/ sea.

1st March 2010: Inspiration The inspiration for this came from a cosplayer who did her own Rinoa bikini design. I saw the photos over a year ago and always thought about doing something similar.

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Anonymous - 6th March 2010
^_~ can't wait to see you in this hun, you will look nice xx

FairyPorchQueen avatar

FairyPorchQueen - 13th March 2010
awww your idea sounds so cute! ^___^ cant wait to see!

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Anonymous - 19th March 2010
This cosplay will be so epic it is untrue! Can't wait to see it!

Mungojerrie avatar

Mungojerrie - 26th March 2010
That Pet Pals magazine is adorable XD

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Leonie Heartilly - 29th March 2010
Thanks guys, shame I couldn't actually get to the hotel pool in it >_<

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gaming_goddess - 27th September 2012
These photos are so cute :) Really like this :D