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Plus, it's ridiculously sexy. I mean come on, Break looks FULLY Mad Hatter in this, and it therefore MUST be cosplayed.

I also found the perfect material for it, and it shouldn't break the bank! *bricked for own pun* ...probably won't get this done fully until...next year or something, but it WILL BE DONE.

And there may be hat progress this week if all goes to plan. <3


BladeyCakes posted on 6 March, 2010 - 19:29
EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~!! <3333 I love this version MUCHLY!! ...as you already know xD But I'm so glad you're doing it! ^w^ *wibbles and flails* It is ridiculously sexy >;D even Liam approves! (if grudgingly xD lol) Loooove to you for doing this~ <333 Cant wait to see progress!

Getti posted on 14 March, 2010 - 18:59
Oooh, super sexy mad hatter outfit is WIN! *ahem* I'm so glad you're doing this one. I like it much more than his regular outfit! Might just be biased towards the hat, though. You're going to make a fabulous Break >< Your muse is scarilly accurate and crazy enough for sure! Eee!

Skyla posted on 15 March, 2010 - 13:16
x-Blade-x: AWHEEEE~!! Thankies so much my faggle! It be a very smexy version indeed ;D *tickles* AND ZOMG. O.O BREAK SPAZZES AT THE LIAM APPROVAL. *sits on him* >PD love you super muchly! <3 Getti: INDEED IT IS. And I'm very glad you approve ;D the hat just...MAKES this outfit. And there should be progress pics of it soon 8'D *pets top hat* EEE~!! Thanks so much my faggle! I'm glad my muse disturbs you so~ >PD lol x'D

BladeyCakes posted on 15 March, 2010 - 19:05
FHWEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~!!! <333 8D *Liam-spazz-and-flail* I APPROVE OF THAT HAT. AND WILL NOM IT (somehow xD) WHEN YOU WEAR THIS >8D ...no matter /how/ OOC it would be :'D Looking epic win my faggle!! <333 Cant wait to see more~ 8D <33

bloodmyer posted on 25 April, 2010 - 21:23
Ooooooooooooooooo -holds up bunny to your hat- I wanna eat it YoY

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Progress Journal

15th March 2010

Hat Progress Already...? O.o

I found the perfect pink material, and so I just HAD to get started by attacking my new top hat (from 'Mad Hatters' ;D <3). Everything's just pinned on for the moment, and I will NOT be sewing the band into the actual hat (it's too damn pretty for outright mutilation D'8). I also know it's not completely accurate, since it should be dark blue - but it'll cost me £60 to get one that colour, so no. O.o

Not too sure about the flowers. They're accurate enough, but I'm not sure I like the peach colour with the pink and black and blue x'D

There's unlikely to be any more progress for...months, probably ='D