Zell Dincht (His out of school costume) - Final Fantasy 8


This should be fun xD

DuskatNight posted on 4 March, 2010 - 23:03
I can't wait to see how this turns out ^^ Hopefully it'll look awesome!

Mungojerrie posted on 5 March, 2010 - 15:27
Really looking forward to this! Zell is one of my favourite characters of all time and I always love seeing him cosplayed :D

DuskatNight posted on 5 March, 2010 - 19:04
Haha Zell is pretty awesome :) I haven't really seen him cosplayed all that much. But I hope yours will be great :D

FusionRose posted on 16 March, 2010 - 00:54
Can't wait to see this! =D I love final fantasy 8 and i LOVE zell ^^

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