Yoh Asakura (Halloween) - Shaman king


When I first got into Shaman King, I came across this picture and always thought it was fanart seeing as I was younger and had no idea what manga was. Obviously now I know it's real and it's so lolworthy I want to cosplay from it.

Hao's not in the picture ;_;
So I'll settle for Yoh! This will be done in a group with Funbari-Spirits <333

Started off with the trousers. They're basically two panels sewed together. I used a pair of jeans I had already to work out each length of the seams so that I could get it nicely fitted. Although it kinda failed on me towards the bottom of the trousers, oops! Lesson learnt for next time I make fitted trousers. These trousers have fully functional pockets and a neat waistband with belt loops. I think the waistband could have done with some interfacing though but ah well, I didn't have any on hand at the time.
The white turn ups were sewn separately and attached along the bottom, turned up then tacked on so that they still look loose.

I bought the shirt from the Men's section in Matalan, because I couldn't find any in the women's section -anywhere-! I used Dylon fabric paints to paint on the skull.

Cape was made from double layered black and orange fabric. Black was cotton drill and orange was polycotton. There's buckram in the collar to help make it stand up. I bought some string as well and hot glued it onto the cape.

Pumpkin was made from buckram and polycotton, it was all experimental. I was going to paper mache it with a wire base but sadly due to lack of time I was unable to, I left it a day before I left to make it oTL. On the other hand I can make hats with speed so I decided to opt for that, especially since I had plenty of buckram spare from my last visit to Birmingham Bull Ring. Once it was made I used fabric paint to paint on the details, mainly due to lack of time.
Hopefully in the future I can make the hat properly the way I wanted it to look.

Sandals were bought from eBay then I took off the straps and replaced them with black ones and I hot glued the buttons onto them.

Wig was a long one then cut and layered and sprayed slightly. It was under a hat all day though so the spikes flopped.

Belt was bought from eBay.

I decided to wear some black eyeshadow and eye liner for added Halloween effect!

Had tons of fun with the group! I look forward to future groups with them x)

Solaria posted on 28 February, 2010 - 19:49
YAY more Yoh this mangascan made me laugh many years ago 8'D Still does~

WhaleInTheSky posted on 28 February, 2010 - 21:14
o_o I can't wait for this. Ahhh now I want to do this varient for Manta/Morty now XD otl

CrystalNeko posted on 28 February, 2010 - 21:18
@Jenn: I know right!! XDDD *coughwitchJeannemaybe?;Dcough* @Yas: Ffff do iiiit xD (I was actually going to make a plushie Manta because I didn't think anyone would want to me him LOL)

WhaleInTheSky posted on 28 February, 2010 - 21:22
Ahaahaaha *adds to cosplay list* XD Manta plushie would look so funny and adorable~ I need to do cosplay as him while I still short (even though I doubt I'll grow any taller this year *shot*).

CrystalNeko posted on 28 February, 2010 - 21:28
Yeeees 8D Ahahaha, I would lol so much if Manta was taller than Yoh xDDD

Freyarule posted on 7 September, 2010 - 20:27
The trousers look fine to me :D really well done x3 better than if I'd made them |D

cowiee posted on 7 February, 2011 - 20:57
Oh oh, this is lovely!

Yasmia posted on 12 May, 2011 - 14:32
This was awesome. I loved your hat, it was so cool!

Giant pumpkin
Make trousers
Make cape
Buy shirt
Detailing on shirt
Buy/Style wig
Buy/Modify sandals
Buy/Modify belt
2m Orange polycotton
Base sandals
Green trouser zip
Black belt
Plain white t-shirt
8 Silver buttons
1m black cotton drill

Total cost: £0.00

31st October 2010


If I had it more way I would have made this ten times better and neater but I was really rushed for time with this costume so everything was slapped together quickly. Pumpkin I was originally going to paper mache, smooth and paint. But no, I ran out of time so I did what I do best, make a hat. So it's a pumpkin hat! Made with buckram and polycotton leftover from the cape loool. Top is from the MEN'S section of Matalan, awwwh yeah, proper manly it is. I used Dylon fabric paint to paint on the detailing. I think it's really cute :3 Cape is black cotton drill and polycotton layered together with buckram in the collar to keep it up. Bought some black cord from Rolls and Rems in London because I'm pretty disorganized and kept forgetting to buy some in Taunton ROFL. I won the sandals a while back on eBay and cut off the fabric thingies and replaced them with double layred cotton drill with buttons, double layered because I wanted it extra stiff and sturdy. Wig I styled in 10-20mins because I was tired and insanely rushed for time. SUPER quick layers (I've had tons of practise with layers now) and blasted it with hairspray then shoved it in my suitcase haha x'D It's under a pumpkin, it's fine. The trousers were finished off with white cotton turnups, they're just sewn on normally and tacked in place at the top so that they hold in place and look pretty loose. Belt was bought from eBay which is actually really comfy to wear~ PHEW. Will update the main description section when I get home, right now I am tired and speed typed this journal so it's not a full blown description lolol. Time Taken: 4-5hrs?? No pictures sorry. This laptop doesn't have webcam and I cba to get my main camera out.

8th September 2010

Trousers 90%

Woooo, I've just completed all the teeny tiny detailing on the trousers. They now have functional pockets (that are really rather neat too 8D), a waistband and nice sturdy belt loops!! I was so proud of them that I decided to do a MEGA close up or you may never notice them LOL. Although because it's night with a yellow tinted lamp I had to use flash ;_; And this brought up EVERY stupid crease and loose thread still on the trousers oTL. I need to iron them, and check for loose threads XD; So anyway, the pockets are just rectangular shapes with the top cut off on a diagonal to fit the hole in the trousers... I'm not making sense but hey! Then I sewed on a panel of fabric onto them because for some reason Yoh has that on his pockets, I have no idea why, noooone of my trousers have that XD Waistband is one long rectangle. I decided to sew a running stitch along the top and bottom so that they look like conventional trousers 8'D I could have just sewed a running stitch along the bottom but that looked weird on its own. Belt loops are also rectangular pieces of fabric which were double layered then sewn on. Because I couldn't see the back, I just made two. But the front is accurate, yeah man! I thought about sewing on a button for the waistband... But decided not to in the end because I couldn't be bothered to go through the trouble of button holes etc when nobody will ever see it!! It's covered by the belt XD I just wanted a button because all my jeans and trousers have one ;_; This is the first time I've actually BOTHERED making trousers that are close enough like real trousers and pretty well made too. My Alto and Duo trousers I couldn't be bothered to make a waistband because they would have been covered so I just hemmed it LOL. With Yoh, it's a masquerade costume, I wanted it damn accurate XD Time Taken: 1.5hrs I don't know why but like I said in my previous journal... Making trousers takes me so loooong ;___; Just need to sew on the turn ups (and I found that in the manga, they're white, and in the anime, they're light green. I'm going to go with the accurate white version because I already have all the white fabric already 8D) Bit too brain dead to do any more sewing at the moment. Who knows, later in the night I might get the urge to complete these trousers once and for all XD

7th September 2010

Trousers 80%

I discovered that I am not so good at making trousers than I am at making shorts, urghhh XD I can make things perfectly fitted until the trousers fall below the knee then it's all WHAT IS THIS SH**!? Luckily Yoh rolls his trousers up and I have really short legs so I can sew on the lighter green fabric to hide my shoddy sewing 8D I keep telling myself I'm going to stop making trousers because I hate making them but I do anyway... I'm buying a t-shirt so thought, if I want to enter the masquerade I gotta make the trousers. Besides, I couldn't find any that were accurate enough, damn you eBay! You've failed me D: I'm glad I decided to make them in the end, they're rather snazzy~ Just need to sew on the light green turn ups and sew on a button for the waistband. Then sew on the belt loops and the trousers are doooone!!! You don't want to see the inside, it sucks LOL. You can see my base sandals too! I need to modify them when I can be bothered to change the thread on the machine LOL. Time Taken: 2hrs approx I'm slow at making trousers, they're hard ;_;

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