Igiko/Alice Kirkland (Punk Neko) - Nyotalia


2nd Place in the Cosplay Contest at Itadakimasu 7/3/10 xD




I have almost all the things already, except for shoes( have them now! ) and glasses xD ( have them now too! ^^ Told u I'd need them~ )
Argh.. i must be mad doing this cosplay XDD
I'm gunna be raped by France and America if they see me.. T^T


Monkey posted on 4 March, 2010 - 19:18
Hiya, its interesting you're doing lots of different versions of England - he must be your favourite character. Just thought I'd suggest that maybe the dress would better suit the 'punk' version you have on your cosplay list more, as its tarten and a more punk-like dress, as this isn't really a lolita-like outfit. Its a cute dress but it doesn't really have the look or the shape of a lolita-dress. Just a suggestion :)

letmelive posted on 25 March, 2010 - 15:53
I don't no if this would offend you ahah, but you have the facial features of Avril Lavigne |: I looked at the icon picture and was like whaaat are you Avril? ahah Nice costume, I love the tartan fabric ears! ^___^

MADALEENA posted on 29 April, 2010 - 14:00
Theres just somthing really ace about tartan, and tartan neko ears is just so cool! the dress looks realy good too ^_^

Enchanting_ELK posted on 29 April, 2010 - 18:54
@MADALEENA ^_^ yep, tartan is so awesome~ I love all the detail in it :3 Ahah ^^ thank you so much~! Thanks 4 ur comment on my Amu too~!

MADALEENA posted on 16 May, 2010 - 17:47
Your welcome ^_^ weeeeeeeeee hohoho maaaa raaaaa ha, I couldn't not comment on the tartan its just agenst the law!!

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Progress Journal

8th March 2010


Was bloody AMAZING 8D
srsly, thanks to everyone who went for making it epic! ^_^
I wore this outfit, and got 2nd place in the cosplay contest xD despite apparently not being as 'awesome' as America >.< but I'm really happy because of that~! I didn't think I would win anything xD EASTER EGGS YAY~!

Gosh, so much amazing stuff happened, i can't remember half of it! >.< And even if I can by thinking really hard, it'd take me so long to write about! xD

So I'm adding more photos now~! ^_^ I really wanna wear this again now, haha.

x ChaRAWR x

2nd March 2010

Let's get sum shoes(8)~

I got the shoes~ xD
I spent a while looking through dif shops, but i found some that are pretty cute so got them. Problem is, after a while of walking, they probably are going to hurt my feet.. but we shall see on Sunday!
I did want red and black plaid ones, but the only ones I saw that were a bit like plaid were PINK and black >.< i do have some skull ones somewhere in the conservatory, which are black with red on too, but;
1. they'll be dirty and dusty and BLEH!
2. they probably don't fit anymore T.T
My other preference was lolita shoes, but they're gunna be even harder to find!
So yeah xD PHOTO SOON! ^^

Also still deciding on what to do about socks.. i think i will have the black leggings, because the dress is pretty short, but idk if i want Amu's legwarmers with it too xD and the socks will be ankle black ones lol

x ChaRAWR x