Dean Stark (default) - Wild Arms V


Minamicon 14 (2008)

The "I'm not sure we've got enough prizes" award




Take one Wild Arms artbook and some crazy bar friends, and you have the makings of a grand cosplay group!

So first thing I made were the guns (Twin Fenrir), made of foamcore and card then painted with enamels. The outer ring allows for rotation so that the melee form could be installed. That took one week!

Next up was the jacket, scarf and gloves. I made a pattern from scratch and used it with some tan coloured slightly stretchy suiting fabric and lined it in blue. This took me a week thereabouts. One night went into making the gloves, used a quick hand pattern and cut off two the the fingers and quick sew later, voila. One weekend was used iron on every little bit of design he has on the collar, inside lining and cuffs and also ends of the scarf.

Next was the top. Now, I would advise people not to make their own ribbed fabric as it takes like forever as it did for me. In the end I decided to only rib the front section and polo neck of the top. The fabric was a slightly stretchy jersey.

The belt was two layers of craft foam, a large belt buckle, some white bias, red bias and three empty thread spools. The belt shape was cut out then the white bias was quickly stitched on followed by the red bias which was carefully sewed over the white so that a little of the white could be visible as a stripe below the red edge. The buckle was attached via a loop of leatherette, and the cotton reels were covered in red craft foam and stuck on. It's interesting to note too that all the official artwork which shows off the belt has the belt buckle going the wrong direction in relation to the free-end of the belt. tsk tsk!

Jeans were a standard pair of slim fit (not skinny which would have been more desireable) jeans and 13 coverable buttons of 29mm diameter.

Boots were a pair of standard shoes of £7, some cream coloured leatherette sprayed orange, square loops were made of milliput, blue straps made from craft foam and the spurs were made from foamcore. Bear in mind if anyone else wishes to make spurs that you must learn a new way of walking or they will knock into each other.

Nex ttime I wear this, I seriously need to strengthen the supports in the collar. Plus make the spurs again as thy started to break off!


MangaChild posted on 9 March, 2008 - 11:44
I would really love the Wild Arms group to get together again Your cos is great guns are Spot, i would have never guessed the belt was made out of Funfoam and i didn't know you can spray paint leatherette it looks great !!! Please let me know next time you dig out a crazy art book lol :)

Ninodog posted on 9 March, 2008 - 12:11
Yeah, I got the info that you can spraypaint leatherette from a fabric retailer down in Soho (yeah that sounds a little dodgy), apparently that's what theatrical types do if they want leatherette colours that aren't available. I usd car spray paint and don't think I will use it again since it remains sticky forever (try a different spray).

Cat_Cat posted on 9 March, 2008 - 12:46
You are a GOD!!! All your cosplay are made to win!!!!! I worship thee for your almighty skills~!!! Not to mention you got me interested in Wild Arms too <-- never played any of the games before

yami-no-neko posted on 5 May, 2008 - 10:06
Your costumes are all awesome. I love the ammount of accuracy you put into your costumes. it's really inspirational.