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Alcon 2010





...Or that's the reasoning I gave my epic PH group a while ago >;D
Third PH cosplay, but he's likely to get done first to be worn at a con later this year. I already get the feeling this is a cosplay I'll love wearing over and over, so I'll also probably end up making several artwork versions of him, and possibly his Pandora uniform -- because it is TEH SEX.

As I said before, this is to go with my amazing PH group of win and...one of our PH phases, IDK <.< Shall have a FANTASTIC Liam to harass, a Vincent to rage at, and a Rufus to thwack for sure. Can't wait!

Edit September 2010: Was worn to Alcon 2010, and shall be worn again to October Expo 2010. And probably many more.

I am officially placing this cosplay as 'Complete', because other than modifying the boots a little and touching up the base of the shirt, everything is finished. And I am SO happy with it. More so than I think I have been with any other cosplay.

It was such a rush to finish everything before Alcon (I was still chopping up boots and begging clay and paint to dry on the night before/first morning of the con) but I managed. And the whole thing essentially survived the con, cane and all.

There will be photos up as soon as I get them from our awesome Vincent/Oz/photographer Getti. I absolutely /love/ being Break, and just want to thank my entire little group for helping so much to make that the case, and for supporting me through the making of this - every little fall and triumph. So to Getti, Metty-Panda, Emo-Tastic-Toaster and last but most definiteny not least x-Blade-x, thank you all SO much. <3

And to x-Blade-x - you deserve an extra special thank you for being my Mister Liam. For making me feel so /right/ in this cosplay, and for always giving me someone to flail at when needed. <3 And as I said, FOR BEING MY LIAM. *A*

I feel so honoured to cosplay this alongside you all, my group. Here's to wearing PH until our cosplays literally fall apart! ;D


BladeyCakes posted on 24 February, 2010 - 20:27
XERXES BREAK D'8<< ...THATS AN EPIC REASON TO COSPLAY SOMEONE. <3 You really do (and will!) make such an AMAZING Break hun! Liam insists that this is the truth, so it must be! >8D ...and did I hear Pandora Uniform? *twitches* YES PLEEEEAAASSE~ <3 xD ...its an epic phase though >.> lol Looking foreward to the harassment! <33 ...even if Liam isnt T__T

Metty-Panda posted on 24 February, 2010 - 21:33
EEEE BREAK~! You're right, he IS too much of a fag NOT to cosplay >;DD Agreeing with Hannah, you be the most amazing Break! <33 And can't wait to see it done with his default outfit, and OMG Pandora Uniform *¬* *paws at it* ... You don't wanna thwack Rufus REALLY? Do you~? *flutters eyes behind the fan* xDD Again, REALLY excited to see this all done up! <3

Skyla posted on 25 February, 2010 - 10:39
Blade: MISTER LIAM. I LOVE YOU. LET ME SIT ON YOU. >PD Rofl, it so is ;D and once again you make me WIBBLE in joy! *tickles Liam* yes, you did hear Pandora Uniform ='D IT BE TOO SEXY TO SAY NO TO. <33 OHHO true >8D and what I meant was our phase IN PH...as in when you do Liam instead of Jack, and I do Break instead of Gil...yeah... IDK. x'D It shall be EPIC harassment, I promise >;D <33 Metty: EEEEE~!! HE IS 8'D and thank you SOOOOO~ much!! <33 the Pandora Uniform just be so...gah *drools on it* x'D ...Yes. Yes, I think I do actually ¬_¬ *thwacks with pimp-cane...then smooshles YOU for being epic* xDD <333 8'DD

Getti posted on 27 February, 2010 - 19:18
NYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH~! >< You look AWESOOOOOME. <333 Damn but Liam's lucky ;D Even if the noob doesn't realise it! UNIFORM <3 For some reason, you have Vincent approval. EEE. WHAT AN EPIC BREAK!

BladeyCakes posted on 18 April, 2010 - 23:18
O_____O I FEKKIN WANT ONE!!! xDDD <33 *spazzes* Emily~! DUDE. That is just plain epic win my wonderful Xerxes~ ;D Cant wait to see her completely finished!! ^.^ <33 ...and also... your to-do list? Liam is not impressed D/8< rofl~ x'D

Getti posted on 19 April, 2010 - 03:11
HOW THE DERP DID I MISS THIS?! You know it's 3am, but I just got your text and had to check it out. THANK GOD. FOR IT'S EMILY. EMILY IS AWESOME. *spacks into walls* I can't wait to see her complete! And give her a freaking hug! >< Well done!

Skyla posted on 19 April, 2010 - 11:03
x-Blade-x: OSHISHISHISHI~!! SO glad you approve my faggle ;D she'll likely get thrown at you...A LOT. So you'd better approve xD. <33 And EEEEE~!! You make me squee!! SO MUCH LOVE TO YOU MY LOVELY LIAM. <33 ...I was wondering how long it would take you to notice that... >PD *flails away* xD <3 Getti: DUDE. AT LEAST YOU DIDN'T MISS IT THEN! *shoos you into bed...even though you should be up now. Fail* I'M SO GLAD YOU LIKE HER. >PD You shall have MANY opportunities to hug her (as in she'll be thrown at people. Catch if you can! ;D) Thankies again my Oz-ling! <3

Getti posted on 19 April, 2010 - 20:50
I certainly will catch her! How can something so creepy be so darn cute?! >< EEEE!

BladeyCakes posted on 19 April, 2010 - 20:56
Bwahaha! Loving Emily so much, its actually silly xD (Liam muse feels bad for admitting that he felt silly >.> rofl~) She looks so AWESOME my faggle! I definately approve, and wont mind having her thrown at me at all 8D ...Liam might, but oh well! *boots him* LOOOOVE 8D <3

Skyla posted on 26 April, 2010 - 17:42
Thanks so much you two ='D expect Emily-throwings to be aimed at you guys in particular, of course ;D. Might well bring her to Expo just for the lols (and to scare Liam >PD) at this rate x'D LOVE TO YOU BOTH. <333

BladeyCakes posted on 26 April, 2010 - 18:10
I know this is gonna be SO epic whether you decide to make it all yourself or get it commissioned >8D SO EITHER IS GOOD!! <3 *spazzes over your awesome* though if you decide to make it, you could flail to the NORTH for cheap fabric? ;D (during DRRR faggotry if it occurs, perhaps? >8D) Also, I feel you must know... that its guarenteed that every time you wear Break... LIAM WILL HAVE TO JOIN YOU! <333 (...just to keep you in check, of course >//> *cough*) It should be noted that he doesnt appreciate the Emily-related comment above though T___T LOVE 8DDDDD

Skyla posted on 28 April, 2010 - 18:27
x-Blade-x: EEE~!! Thankies so much my dear! <3 I really hope you're right ='D and I very much approve of this NORTH flailage to the wonderful maze of fabric >8D (especially if DRRR-HRRR-HRRR be involved too ;D) ...This news has made me (and Break) INCREDIBLY happy. <333 You do know you're not allowed to wear Liam anywhere without me, right? >PD *harasses...and sits on* xD BUT SHE LOVES YOU, MISTER LIAM. *flings Emily at and flees* xD <33333

BladeyCakes posted on 28 April, 2010 - 19:05
CAN I HAVE YOUR BREAK-PANTS?! 8DDDD *killedbyownmuse* Progress news! Making it yourself! I AM A HAPPY LIAM TODAY INDEED! ...though dont read too much into that! Do you hear me, Xerxes Break!?! D/8< *rageyflail* I know you'll be just fine making this my faggle, and that its gonna turn out totally amazingly!! *A* (but if you ever want any help figuring bits out I shall offer mine and Liam's services! 8D <3) Cant wait to see le pants and shoes~ ;D <333 ...and in response to the above comment above, yes, I know x'D I WOULDN'T WANT TO WEAR HIM WITHOUT YOU ANYWAY!! <3 *sat on... and flails uselessly* xD

BladeyCakes posted on 5 May, 2010 - 19:13
EEEEEE~ I LOVE THE SHIRT!!! *___* LIKE... DUDE. It looks so freakin smexy~ *noms it* <333 xDD The sleeves are epic win on a STICK!! (They kind of remind me of Undertaker sleeves, so I can understand that they make you feel evil ;D rofl) and I still bet the collar looks amazing! ^w^ And yes, Xerxes, it has been about a week...I cant beleive you sometimes. *adjusts glasses* xD Hope you can get ribbon and cravat material soon my faggle! <33 You already know of course, that I very much approve of the wig-purchasing >8D (even if you be poor now x'D lol) ...good job for doing some work *cough*forachange*cough* Xerxes... *hands a candy* >//> xDD LOVE! <3

Getti posted on 7 May, 2010 - 18:40
Ohoho I see shirt ;Df FUFUFU. YOU ARE MOST AWESOME. It does give a rather lovely evil vibe! Can't wait to see the sexy white coat of doom on the top! And the wiiiig~ I do love your Breakness. Can't wait to see all of this for real! It's going to be amazing ;D

Metty-Panda posted on 7 May, 2010 - 20:47
WOW, that shirt is looking AMAZING!! <33 Give me your skills, plez. xDD *noms at any remaining material* And I can't WAIT to see Break wig! AND THE COAT. Oh the smexy coat of win *w*~ I hope you know you're gonna make an EFFINGAMAZING Break! 8DD ... You totally should've been holding a candy cane, when you took that photo, or had Emily nearby. xDDD *tackle-smooshles* xxx <3 xxx

Skyla posted on 8 May, 2010 - 23:25
x-Blade-x: ALL OF THIS LIAM APPROVAL. I SWEAR YOU SHALL MAKE ME EXPLODE ALL OVER YOU IN JOY. *___* *tackles you and sits on you* I'm just...GAH. Thank you so much for all of this love ='D The first thing the sleeves reminded me of was indeed Undertaker! Don't they just feel EPIC?! x'D *huggles Liam, ignoring the candy* <33333 WE MUST ALWAYS WEAR THESE TWO TOGETHER. OLD LADY COSPLAYS FTW!! xDD <3 Getti: I'm so glad you approve of all of this evil ;D prepare to have your face groped brat-- I mean, my faggle >PD lol~ THANKYOUSOMUCH~!! <3 Metty-Panda: EEEEEEE~!! *wibbles...and clings to skills* b-but without these I can't finish eeet~!! x'D *dances in material with you* I HOPE YOU KNOW YOU ARE MAKING ME WIBBLE. *does so again* <33 ...Ohho~ the next photo shall surely have one (OR BOTH) of those included then ;D <3

BladeyCakes posted on 11 May, 2010 - 21:07
I SOMEHOW SENSE YOU WILL HAVE THIS DONE /LONG/ before I get Liam done xDD *fail* (Dont say you wont ;D <3 You're making EPIC progress!) But EEEE~!! The coat is looking so AMAZING!! ...is it wierd that I cant wait to be harassed by those sleeves? o.O rofl~ Glad that you've worked through the problems on the coat too hun! (Urgh. Sewing pleather T__T) Ribbon colour... I dunno xD I think lilac might look nice... but I fail, so... *shrug* :'D lol I'm glad you're glad you're making it!!! <33333 I have such an EPIC BREAK!! *squish*

Getti posted on 13 May, 2010 - 00:53
OMG MOAR BREAK! It looks so amazing! I can't even guess where you started with that coat. It's all going to come together so wonderfully from the looks of it! Facegrope = no. ¬¬ Creepy Hatter. EEE! I also like the sound of lilac ;D Good luck with the pleather, (I fully intend to avoid sewing this for the entirety of my life) I'm sure you'll do it fantasticly even if it is FFFF to sew. Can't waaait to see it all! xx

Metty-Panda posted on 13 May, 2010 - 13:32
Wooooow, the coat is looking AMAZING so far, dear faggle~!! <33 I have no idea what it's like to sew pleather, and judging by yours, Getti's and Blade's words, I may just avoid it. But I can't wait to see it in it's entirety! It looks like it'll be so fragile, I'll be scared to glomp-squish you in it! ... though, when you do Break, I'll most likely do Rufus, so you're alright there. *glare from behind his fan* Lilac sounds good to me, hun! GO FOR EET. BECAUSE YOU WILL LOOK EPIC IN IT. <333

Skyla posted on 13 May, 2010 - 23:22
x-Blade-x: AND I SAY NO I-- *zip'd* O___O BUT THE FIDDLY BITS SHALL TAKE US FOREVER, MISTER LIAM!! *sits on* xD BUT THANK YOU SOSOSOMUCH MY FAGGLE!! ...Break very much approves of this longing for harassment >PD rofl (pleather = horror, as you know ¬_¬ but it's getting there!) LILAC IT IS. ...Though whether HobbyCraft have any or not is the next trial x'D EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~!! *squished* AND I HAVE SUCH AN EPIC LIAM!! <333 Getti: OMG YES. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! ...It all started with me pinning myself, actually ;D *ninja* rofl~ BUT FWEEEEEEEEEEEE!! Your approval. It makes me spaz. ...And young Master Vessalius will come around eventually, I'm sure~ >PD *gropes blindly for face* xDD LILAC HAS BEEN CHOSEN. And yes, steer clear of the pleasther! x'D *wibble-of-joy* <3 Metty: I'M SO GLAD YOU APPROOOOOOVE~!! 8DD <33 Do if you can my faggle, it be a BIATCH that should be salted and burned!! But rofl! It shouldn't be THAT fragile (I mean it had better not be, since I'll be flinging myself at Liam all day >PD <3 lol~) SO DO SQUISH ME. ...Regardless of how UTTERLY cracky that will look <.< *readies cane* xD LILAC FTW THEN. AND I AGAIN SPAZ IN JOOOYYYYYYY~!! <3

bloodmyer posted on 15 May, 2010 - 17:55

BladeyCakes posted on 22 May, 2010 - 18:23
O///////////////////////////O *explodes* ...and thus was Liam's reaction. <3333 xD EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~!!! OMFG. I LOVE YOU AS MY BREAK. SOSOSOSOSOSOSOSO MUCH LOVE!!! *A* <33 *clings to your awesome and allows you to abuse my forehead* xDD GAH! You've done such an AWESOME job with the wig hun! It looks amazing, and really accurate 8D Its perfect! <3 *squish* ...is it okay that I want to pet it? 8'D I'm struggling to be coherent. You have made my day!! SO. MUCH. LOOOOVE~ <333 *tackles*

Skyla posted on 10 August, 2010 - 18:41
Bloodmyer: Nuuuuu!! Don't eat her -- she needs to survive Alcon at least x'D x-Blade-x: ...I really cannot tell you anything I haven't already said, but THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR CONTINUING APPROVAL. <33333 Seriously, I hope you have some idea by now how much it means to me ;w; *clings to you, and your wonderful Liam-ness* I LOVE /YOU/ AS MY LIAM, AS YOU SHOULD FREAKIN WELL KNOW. <3 ...Though of course, mah wig needs a bit of a re-style again now ;D *tickles* SO MUCH LOVE!! <333 *swings*

BladeyCakes posted on 10 August, 2010 - 19:39
...XERXES BREEAAAKK!!! *spazz-flail* PROGRESS. You know how wibbly it makes me. You do, right?! x'D Because if you dont I have to boot you now! Really hope that all the fiddly little details dont get ragey, though I'm sure this will all go great now ;D Skipping the bag sounds like a good plan, especially considering how much else you still have to do too ^^ (Really hope you can get the other cosplay done hun! But no worries if you cant <3 *cling*) Good luck making the EPIC CANE OF DOOM *A* ...prepare to have a Liam stealing it randomly and flailing over it x'D ...A-and the state of your hair is by no means MY fault, Xerxes Break!! D/8< *fluster* lol~ <3 SO CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THIS DONE. REALLY. YOU HAVE /NO/ IDEA HOW MUCH I AM SPAZZING OVER FINALLY SEEING HIM DONE *___* FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF- LOVE YOU MY BREAK! <33 xxx

Getti posted on 11 August, 2010 - 22:21
O.O YOU LOOK. JUST LIKE HIM. ...IT'S KIND OF WEIRD. I can only say FFFFFF-! For serious, it won't stop. The wig is awesome. AWESOME. It looks even better now! Good luck with your making, my faggle! Hope there is no rage during the fiddly final details, but I'm sure you'll stay on top of that ;D It's so exciting to see it all coming together! CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HIM. Emily was even cuter in person! She will be doll-napped on the day, you know. YOULOOKAWESOME. 8D Nyeeer! It just...words betray me for the awesomeness. AWESOME. AWESOME IS NOW SYNONYMOUS WITH LORD LIZ. HAH. So much love to you, and there will be SO much spazzing upon the completion of this <333

BladeyCakes posted on 17 August, 2010 - 20:14
FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF- YOU REALISE I'M CLOSE TO EXPLODING IN JOY RIGHT NOW?! *A* FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF- *Liam/Hannah-flop* Just... DUDE. YOU REALISE THAT YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE A /LIAM/ ATTATCHED TO /YOU/ ALL OF ALCON?! (Screw it being the other way around >8D <3) I'll literally be hanging off your sleeves! ...or...maybe not. Idontwanttoripthecosplay ;A; <3 I'm sure it'll all hold together great though ^^ and lining it when you have more time sounds like a good plan! Now... CANE 8DDDDDDDDDD *spackspackspack* I SO CANT WAIT TO SEE IT. AND STEAL IT. ANDANDAND- *flop* ...Tooexcited.Icantevenflailoveryouandyourawesome x'D <3 *cling* But just... so much win to you. Best of luck finishing it all off!! SO EXCITED TO SEE HIM DONE *A* FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF- LIAM LOVES YOU~ <33 xxx

BladeyCakes posted on 14 September, 2010 - 12:02
Sorry if this comment fails...but I LOVE THIS TOO MUCH TO BE COHERENT. AT ALL. <33 Just... thank you SO much for allowing me to cosplay Liam alongside this sheer and utter awesomeness. There are literally no words to describe how much I love this cosplay, or how much my love has INCREASED (yep, you heard me) after having seen it/been harassed by it, in person. You just ARE Xerxes Break, and I'm NEVER going to stop spacking over this...EVER. Everytime you put it on, my inner fangirl DIES OF JOY... and my inner Liam get all flustered and happy ;D <333333 ...thementionmademetoohappy.I'mliterallywibblinginmyseat. Though you definately didnt need /me/ to feel right in this... you fall into Break's character and habits SO PERFECTLY. *___* ...you'll get another, better, spacky comment once pics are posted. Until then... *chucks a Mister Liam at you and rolls away* LOVE YOU SO MUCH *A* AMAZING BREAK IS /AMAZING/. xxx

Metty-Panda posted on 14 September, 2010 - 13:47
BEST. BREAK. EVER!! ... That is all. Much love to the little mention <3 You will receive a much better and spackier comment when images have been uploaded! *flees before you can try and tell me otherwise*

Skyla posted on 5 February, 2011 - 23:42
Thank you all so very, very much for the comments... Just... You guys make wearing him all the more special. I can never tell you that enough, honestly. <3 You guys all deserve unending love for letting me find my OTC, and just for being so eternally brilliant, amazing and fantastically lovely. My faggles. I love you all so much. <33333 Thank you guys. Always.

BladeyCakes posted on 6 February, 2011 - 20:13
I promised that when you posted pics of this, you'd get a much better, spackier comment... whilst the spacky part might fail (to an extent, because you must still know how very SPACK-TASTIC this cosplay makes me whenever I see it <3) I hope you appreciate all the love that this comment will throw at you and inner!Break <3 Thank you, so much, for letting me cosplay with you, alongside such an amazing cosplay - you'll punt me, but I really dont feel like I deserve it - I mean, look at you. DIS XERXES BREAK *A* Unf, my partner in crime, UNF. Best Break I could ever ask for, or could ever want <33 You pull him off so very perfectly and I squeal with joy inside whenever you wear him because you really do just /become/ him... and its an amazing thing to share in and be witness to <3 And... we all know how Liam feels. We ALL know. *pokes him* But you, my Xerx, really just...make my inner!Liam so freakin happy. <3 Thank you again, for doing this so wonderfully. For being my Xerxes Break, and my cosplay partner. Never stop being this awesome, alright? Love you <333 xxx

Pandora-Chi posted on 3 April, 2011 - 22:38
Wow! You make such an amazing Xerxes!

Solaria posted on 5 July, 2011 - 19:58
You and your one eyed cosplays 8D you looked amazinggggg and as Glen <33333 Was lovely meeting you properly at Japex <3

To-Do List

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Progress Journal

17th August 2010

Final Bits and Pieces! (Sort Of.)

The coat is done. Completely, at last! 8'D (It could probably do with lining, but all of the hems are neat and I really don't have time, so it can wait until after Alcon at least). The harness was so very awkward to sort, but it's done at last. Just have to hope it's strong enough to hold everything together! *nervous-twitch*

The sleeves are also finished, and I have finally started work on the cane today! <3 Unfortunately, this version won't be openable - but once again, time restirctions apply - and at least I'll have /a/ cane at Alcon ='D (still planning on making a fully functioning one at some point!). So that will get worked on, along with the boots (once I order them <.<) and then it really is just the finishing touches on the shirt and the cravat. ^w^

I am /so/ excited for wearing him. *A* Just... It's extreme. <3
(Pictures will come soon...ish x'D)

10th August 2010

The Countdown Begins!

So...one month until Alcon, and it's been...three months since I updated x'D. (Ignore the picture. Just wanted one there really.)

Progress is finally being made again, and I've booted myself to start sorting out all the fiddly bits and pieces that I have left to do. The main body of the white coat really just needs lining now, and I need to attach the harness (in a way that allows me to actually take the coat /off/ ='D). The sleeves are all but done too - just need some more white material to double the 'cuffs' (because I'm obsessed with accuracy x'D). Then there are a few other odds and ends, which shouldn't take too long. Doubt I'll make the bag for Alcon now, since in later chapters of the manga it's disappeared anyway. One less thing to do.

I'm still on the hunt for boots to modify, but work on the cane should be started later this week! 8'D I really cannot wait to get that done! Or the rest of him for that matter. Just really hoping it's all ready for Alcon... Since technically I need to finish another cosplay for then too <.< *screwed*.

Oh, and my wig needs a re-style. Which is utterly Liam's fault. That is all. ;D <3

11th May 2010

Getting There!

As you can see from the picture, things have moved on a lot since last week 8D The shirt is all but finished (I just need to add a little more white on the front and another fastener at the top), and the coat is coming along nicely. I had some trouble with it to start with, as the shape of it defies all logic - but I've darted it at several points along the back, so though it isn't completely accurate it does flow more like it does in the manga. ^w^

Progress on the crazy-sleeves-of-doom is also going well *pokes picture* (that's the folded coat undernearh them btw x'D). I've just started on the pleather straps around them (sewing pleather = OTL) and should be able to get some ribbon for the edges of the sleeves and the coat some time this week (though I'm stuck on whether to use silver or light purple/lilac O.o Damn inconsistent references! Opinions anyone?)

On a random side-note, I'm SO glad I decided to make this myself. I'm already feeling so proud of this, even though none of it feels right yet without the wig ='D ...and despite the fact I'm very poor now x'D <3

5th May 2010

Pinning Oneself in the Neck. [AKA Shirt Progress]

So...yeah. Definitely making all of this one myself now x'D

His undershirt is nearing completion! I found the PERFECT purple fabric, and have been working on it over the last...week? Less than that? I don't know, ask Liam. I'm no good with schedules ;D. I really do love it so far! Just got to fasten the front and then add the strips of white ^w^. Should be able to get some ribbon and cravat material this week, and see how my wallet's doing after that x'D *is poor now, after buying the wig - AT LAST*.

The collar was a complete pain to do. It's not quite as ruffled as I'd like (not that you can tell from the grainy ninja photo ;D) but I can at least breathe in it now. ='D I'm utterly IN LOVE with the sleeves though. I feel so perfectly evil in them - so considering the real thing will have the huge white ones over them too, I can't wait x'D.

Pictures are mainly just to show Liam that I /am/ working, see~? <3 ('Scuse the jeans, it's too cold for Break's pants x'D)

28th April 2010

Ahlala~! Progress?!

So, I guess this means I HAVE decided to make this all myself x'D *face-palm-of-oh-boy-I'm-screwed-ness*

This afternoon I fished out an old pair of school trousers (lol) and modified them, and thus Break's pants are complete. They're actually really comfy to wear, and I feel like such a clown in them! Thus fitting, I suppose~ ;D

I've also begun material hunting - online at least - and intend to harass some fabric shops over the weekend to see what I can find in terms of Break. With any luck I'll be able to get started on his shirt within the next few weeks! I've also found some plain white boots that I'm going to order and modify completely (cutting up faux-leather. Oh the joys x'D) and an accurate method to affix the coat. Seriously, that thing is going to be SUCH a pain, I can tell ='D it DEFIES ALL LOGIC. *collapses*

My focus before May needs to stay mainly with Glen (though I don't have much left to do really for this stage of him) but Break shall be worked on every so often so that he can be all completed over Summer, along with the huge list of other cosplays that need doing x'D. *waves cheerily goodbye to my purse with Emily* <3

19th April 2010

Emily Finished! 8D

She now has both bows and is all ready to go! She actually will stay on my shoulder even when I walk around, so attaching her isn't too much of a priority anymore ^w^. Damn I love her, the creepy adorable little thing! <3

As for the rest of Break, am in the process of finding him some boots I can modify -- and am in conversations with my Dad about his cane. Really can't wait to get started, but for now my focus has to go back to Glen (not that I really mind that ;D).

18th April 2010

Emily Progress

So, one mad dash around the fabric shop (they didn't have what I was actually looking for x'D) and I get myself everything I need for Emily! She's the result of an afternoon and evening's work (so all in all about... five hours of today? *_*)

She still needs both of her bows - the pink one and the red ribbon to hold her hair back - but she sits nice and comfortably on my shoulder ^w^. Am going to find a way to attach her properly so I can walk around like that, but that can wait. I know her hair isn't completely accurate, but the wool was all I could find, and I think it adds to the creepy-ness of her ;D.

Probably won't be any more progress until summer!