Tyson Rios (Default) - Army Of Two: The 40th Day





I am currently trying to get together a cosplay of Tyson Rios from Army Of Two: The 40th Day in his Default armour/gear and mask.

I am currently undergoing talks with an airsoft/paintball mask company who produce replica masks about production techniques of the masks and have ordered one to study. I would like to make my own version of the mask but then if I cannot reproduce it to a high standard I will use the mask I have purchased.

I am looking into finding the same gear they have in the game. A lot of the gear is military issue so it might be easier to purchase that opposed to making it as the materials are hard to work with (the webbing for the body harness etc)

My main issues are the body armour and mask.

The mask is rather hard to make and I think if I make it I will use fiberglass as practice for my Master chief and Grey Fox cosplay which I aim to do at a later date.

The body armour has to look solid yet to constrict my movement too much. I am thinking of nylon webbing possibly but any other suggestions would be great.


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