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Skyla posted on 22 February, 2010 - 21:37
REEEEEEEOOOOO~!! *glomps to the ground* This is going to be SO epic and adorable, and you KNOW you're going to make Elliot supremely happy...which is good, because then he might stop raging at me <.< *sends you fellow servant love* xD xXx

BladeyCakes posted on 22 February, 2010 - 23:38
<__< ... >__> ... *manlyElliothug* ... *cough* xDD I love you SO MUCH for doing Reo with me!! <33 ...Hopefully you'll be able to keep my ragey Elliot-muse in line whenever Gil shows up :'D <3 *huggles* Much love! 8D

Emo-Tastic-Toaster posted on 20 March, 2010 - 23:52
Skyla: Giiiiiiiil!! *Cuddle-Squish* Hehee Thank you ^^ I can't wait to be Reo <3 I hope so, and don't worry I shall keep Elliot in line ^^ Fellow servant love FTW! <3 *Sends some back* <3 Blade: *Manly cough while looking left and right* ... *Glomp-cuddle-Flail* :D You have given me a Reo muse ¬¬ lol I shall try, buut you need to learn how to say sorry...Like a man Elliot. XDD <333 So much love to you too <333

BladeyCakes posted on 5 May, 2010 - 15:23
EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! *totally-OOC-fanspack-of-DOOM* I'm going to steal those glasses. SO OFTEN. (So Elliot can see Reo's pretty eyes, of course~ ;D lol) They look so cute and win! x'D SO MUCH APPROVAL From your Elly <3333 I love them 8D Cant wait to see more progress hun! ^w^ <3

Skyla posted on 5 May, 2010 - 15:53
REEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~!! *tackle-smoosh from your fellow servant* The glasses look AWESOME! 8DD *flail* I shall be joining Elliot in the stealing of them (...though Gil might not x'D Break? HELLSYEAH. >PD lol~) I wish you you probably can't see much through them? O_o Elliot shall have to lead you everywhere ;D *goes big-brother-mode and makes Elly do so* YOU'LL MAKE SUCH AN ADORABLE REO. Can't wait to see more!! <33

Metty-Panda posted on 7 May, 2010 - 14:10
EEEEE REO~!! <33 I finally get to see these epic glasses of win 8DD They are amazing, dear faggle! And yes, you are going to make THE most ADORABLE Reo ever. <333 ... Don't worry, Rufus will protect you from the sinful, dirty ways of Vincent. *shields you* I really can't wait to see more progress! <33 Certainly looking forward to you trying out Reo's hair~ ;DD xxx <3 xxx

Getti posted on 7 May, 2010 - 15:58
Fufufu, that's what you think, Duke Barma. >8D lolol, Break in Reo glasses? It could happen. You'll be so freaking cute! (what else is new?) and I can't wait to see it all.

Emo-Tastic-Toaster posted on 7 May, 2010 - 21:33
Blade: ELLY-KINS <3 D: I wont be able to see then [wont be able to see your beautiful face XD] hehee thank you, the progress will be slow D: but I will get there :D <333 O///O You make Reo blush! <3 Skyla: GIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIL! Much servant love <333 Why thank you very much ^^ They look a long time XD Gil and Elliot?? XD Break would take them hands down XD [Cant wait to see MOAR progress on him by the way lol] lol Yeaaah, I cant see a thing in them which sucks, Elly-Kins will guide me with his lov~...*Cough* LOL Thank you I hope so. <333 Metty-PANDA: Heheee yeaaah, I might not use those one though, not sure yet. They were fun to make I have to say. Thank you chuck. :D Thank you dear Barma, I dont want Vincent to get me dirty again, there is only one person in this world that can makeme dirt~ Never mind. <:D I wont be able to do the hair till after I come back off holiday *Sigh* buuut it shall be fun to try out :D <333 Getti: Hehee, he might be your secret lover, but he knows what is best for everyone <3 Stay away Vincent! :P I would/will happen XD LOL Yeaaah, always the cute little ones XD Its all I can do, I cant wait either :D <333

MikeJenks posted on 22 June, 2010 - 08:13
OOFT REO 8D Definately have to drag you to a Pandora Hearts meet one day for many many pictures 8I

Progress Journal

7th May 2010


The glasses I have made are my back-up pair :D
I have got some MOAR glasses from ebay woop! And they should be here in a few days. I am going to do a hair test soon, cause I need my layers cut in again XD Buut it wont be till after I come back off holiday D: but it will be done very soon, me hopes. Just thought I would let you all know XD