Lita Kino/Makoto Kino (School uniform) - Sailor Moon Stars





This was the first every part cosplay i made (with my mums help) Every since i found out what Sailor Moon was i loved it.

I wanted to so Usagi/Serena but then decied to use it as Lita/Makoto since we both have brown hair. But since all the characters wear the same uniform in the last series it could be used for any one of them.

I don't have many photos of this at all that i like. (I did make the skirt to it but carn't find any of the photos and i hated the way i look in it anyway)

This is non-exciting now as it got way too big on me and i throw it out.
It was a nice top and fun to wear even if i didn't and i learnt quite a bit since i hadn't sewn much since doing my GCSE's at school.


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