Sakura (Sakura- Pre time skip) - Naruto


Fuyucon 2007


At the time, i was just getting into Naruto after my friend got me into it, and i had also found out that there was a London Expo in May.
So i decided to make Sakuras first dress for the May Expo 07, and then reuse it for Fuyucon 07.

It was one of my first cosplays i made and i was lucky to have my mum help me make it.

I didn't have a wig when i wore this, thinking my real hair was ok and just sprayed it Pink.
Looking back on it now, i should have used one, But it was my first cosplay and at the time i didn't think the whole cosplay would be somthing i would get into.

As of now it is retaired since i first made this i have lost weight, if i get time i might remake this but i have so many other outfits i wasn to make.

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