Anna Valerious - Van Helsing


London MCM Expo October 2010

Showcased 5th June 2011 What is this?




I decided to cosplay Anna Valerious because i love the design and i love Kate Beckinsale! At first glance i though "yeahh, thats looks easy", oh how wrong i was.
This costume took a long time, alot longer than expected. There arnt very many reference pictures from this film, so i had to watch Van Helsing on a loop while i was making this.

Im so so pleased with the outcome, its as screen acurate as i can get it, and finally i have a costume i can look at and say im happy with.

Any questions feel free to ask.


Bambi. posted on 17 February, 2010 - 20:32
Dude! This is gonna be sick :D

FairyPorchQueen posted on 17 February, 2010 - 20:52
:D i cant wait. I changed my mind for Selene, but i think i might just do them both! LOL

GraceyDarling posted on 17 February, 2010 - 21:37
haha so strange i was thinking about putting this up earlier xD cant wait to see this, you will look so gorgeous <3 :D

FairyPorchQueen posted on 17 February, 2010 - 21:57
Ahh Gracey, i think you should you would look beautiful!

Feather-to-Earth posted on 17 February, 2010 - 22:53
Wooooooo!!! Thats so wicked that you've decided to do her again ^_^ Totally can't wait to see some progress <3

sjbonnar posted on 18 February, 2010 - 00:56
FANTASTIC choice! I love the idea and can't wait to see it! *tempted to give Van Helsing a go...* LMAO

callmemilo posted on 18 February, 2010 - 14:43
oh niiiiice can't wait to see this, emmy!

ElegantAura posted on 18 February, 2010 - 19:54
Yay! So pleased to see you've put this up, you'll make a fabulous Anna ^_^ I watched Van Helsing the other day on tv and got really excited lol

FairyPorchQueen posted on 18 February, 2010 - 20:02
^__^ i did it for you my dear! For when you girlies get your vamps together. hahaa yeaah i love it its on all the time so i dont have to buy the dvd ahaha

Captain_Marvelous posted on 23 February, 2010 - 17:04
I like the way dracula pronounces her name in the film XD thanks for the comment and god damn do this costumes quick I really wanna see ^.^

FairyPorchQueen posted on 23 February, 2010 - 21:39
^__^ i already have the boota and jacket im going to be working on but shhhh hehe

animekid3000 posted on 6 April, 2010 - 02:51
you will look awesome as her ^^

Sephirayne posted on 7 April, 2010 - 19:38
This is so awesome. My brother and I have been considering Van Hellsing costumes as well. He would be up for doing Van Hellsing. Depending on when you do this we would love to join you.

FairyPorchQueen posted on 8 April, 2010 - 14:02
ooo yesss thats a great idea, im not sure when this will be for yet, but i will be sure to let you know :D

ElegantAura posted on 6 June, 2010 - 14:50
We're currently set on the brides, So let's hope we can all finish for october! You'll look so fantastic as Anna ^_^ We need a Van helsing and Dracula now lol

FairyPorchQueen posted on 10 June, 2010 - 14:00
yey!! and yes we so do, then we can get up on the stage! and you can fly at me!

FusionRose posted on 13 June, 2010 - 19:46
really looking forward to this hun, you're gonna look amazing =D

letmelive posted on 16 June, 2010 - 08:38
That wigs perfect good find Emmy ^__^ xxx

VividLeviathan posted on 16 June, 2010 - 08:58
That wig looks perfeck!!!!

callmemilo posted on 16 June, 2010 - 13:51
oh man, that wig you've ordered actually does look perfect! great find! you ARE making me wanna do helsing now, hahaha

Feather-to-Earth posted on 25 June, 2010 - 19:29
OMG!!!! It's just looking soooo perfect!!!!! <3 <3 <3

letmelive posted on 25 June, 2010 - 19:36
Amaaaazing Emmmy ^______^! xxx

Littlegeeky posted on 25 June, 2010 - 19:44
This is looking amazing so far, plus you look alot like the character ^w^ I can't wait to see it completed!

sjbonnar posted on 25 June, 2010 - 23:39
This is looking fantastic Emmy!

Sephirayne posted on 25 June, 2010 - 23:59
Looking fab.

BladeyCakes posted on 26 June, 2010 - 09:32
This is looking great so far!! 8D Cant wait to see it completed ^^

Amy-Lou posted on 26 June, 2010 - 10:56
Really excited to see this. Also you have such similar features to her, you might be mistaken for a guest XD

Xigalicious posted on 30 August, 2010 - 15:17

callmemilo posted on 2 September, 2010 - 01:30
Lovin' it, hun. I'll have to get some photos of my Van Helsing up soon. I'm overdue new content on that one, lol

letmelive posted on 2 September, 2010 - 08:29
Looking nice ^____^ xxx

FuriePhoenix posted on 2 September, 2010 - 09:27
Looking good so far! Cant wait to see this!

Inuyoku posted on 2 September, 2010 - 11:08
Ahh I love all Kate Beckinsale characters far too much, this will really suit you, you :D You defo have the body for it! Can't wait to see it :D Progress is looking good so far too :)

ElegantAura posted on 2 September, 2010 - 12:47
Looking fantastic, excellent work on the jacket ^_^ Sooooo excitied to see this finshed <3

Bambi. posted on 11 September, 2010 - 20:00
Goodo so far miss! I am IN LOVE with those boots! <3

FairyPorchQueen posted on 11 September, 2010 - 20:02
hehe thank you hun, just realised my corset is well off so need to sort that out hah. I know they are lovelllllyyyyy! and comfy

PapercutPerfect posted on 11 September, 2010 - 20:22
Swit swoo, missy! You look gorgeous! Great job, can't wait to see it finished!

Kitticus posted on 11 September, 2010 - 20:39
WOW!~ ^^ looking amazing already

letmelive posted on 11 September, 2010 - 21:55
your lusssh! <3 xxx

callmemilo posted on 11 September, 2010 - 23:37
seriously, looking fantastic hun.... the group is gonna be great!

- posted on 12 September, 2010 - 10:40
Looking good so far. Just the detail now. ^^

Zaiburst posted on 20 September, 2010 - 21:39
Awesome. I think you already look similar to her, so this should work very well. Looking forward to this.

callmemilo posted on 21 September, 2010 - 17:09
ooooh lining.... good luck! i seriously can't wait to see how this is going, lol

Alyx posted on 21 September, 2010 - 19:54
CANT WAIT!! Looking amazing so far hun! <3

Anonymous posted on 21 September, 2010 - 23:30
This is simply amazing, well done on the fantastic work! =]

FairyPorchQueen posted on 21 September, 2010 - 23:57
Thank you so much everyone ^__^ means so much to me! Just want to like prove i can do a costume fully clothed >___< Hopefully ill have some more pics up in the next couple of days!

Anonymous posted on 24 September, 2010 - 16:07
Fully clothed is perfect for October weather, haha!

Zelda posted on 28 September, 2010 - 19:47
Wowie, progress is looking really epic ^^!!! <3

FusionRose posted on 1 October, 2010 - 01:12
Emmy, this is stunning. I seriously thought the WIP pictures were Ref pictures for a second. Really looking forward to seeing this complete at Expo x.

Ranma1-2 posted on 4 October, 2010 - 22:21
WoW that is looking incredible already. Just looking at your work on the corset. *_*

callmemilo posted on 5 October, 2010 - 03:03
FRAK! that corset looks fantastic! you're gonna make me have to pull out all the stops on van helsing just to come close to the level of accuracy! damn yooooou! HAHA seriously though, very nice work hun :)

Sephirayne posted on 5 October, 2010 - 07:22
Loving the progress. You are looking amazing. Love the corset. Love the fabric you've used for the jacket.

Darkiekun posted on 5 October, 2010 - 22:07
Just amazing! I really can't wait for this! She was my favourite in the film and its saw pretty just the progress!

Member-XI posted on 6 October, 2010 - 05:23
Looks so awesome, you're really pretty and suit her down to zee ground! :D

- posted on 6 October, 2010 - 07:16
FFFF you never seize to amaze me woman D: You could sell this off for a replica, i'd sure fall for it. Pffft brilliantly made as always (and don't argue with me or i'll socker tackle you at expo >B|) Hope them beads come in time for expo, but even if they don't it'll still look like the most accurate and incredible anna cosplay i've EVER seen. Divint argue >| Haha love ya really : D

letmelive posted on 6 October, 2010 - 08:30
I can't wait to see this in person you sexy bitch!!! Or should I say MILF! XXXX

Alyx posted on 6 October, 2010 - 09:15
:D EEEP! The progress you're making on this is looking fantasic!! I really cant wait to see this now.. that blouse and corset.. just wow! <3

FuriePhoenix posted on 6 October, 2010 - 09:57
Holy crap woman!!! That corset is frigging epic!!!

FairyPorchQueen posted on 7 October, 2010 - 18:13
Wow thank you so much everyone, to come on and read these comments had made me relaly happy ^___^ i tea dyed the shirt last night to give it that weathered look! maybe a bit too weathered though........

ElegantAura posted on 8 October, 2010 - 19:59
Woo how amazing are the blouse and corset! I can't wait to see more of your progress, and hurray for your beads finally arriving!! <3

Kacela posted on 8 October, 2010 - 20:06
Wow!! This looks amazing, absolutely stunning!

redheadgirl posted on 10 October, 2010 - 20:13
your gunna nail it ... btw love your crocs hihi XD

My__RoadOfBlood posted on 15 October, 2010 - 13:54
Wao, the progress looks so amazing *w* As usual :3 can't wait to see this finished

PapercutPerfect posted on 15 October, 2010 - 14:25
Woah, what a GORGEOUS blouse! I want it D8 Looking fantabulous!

SlimDefinition posted on 18 October, 2010 - 21:12
This film is only something I'll watch if it happens to be on TV, but my word you're going to look awesome as Anna!

goodbyeworld posted on 19 October, 2010 - 17:11
Oh my god this is GORGEOUS! I can't wait to see it at expo!!

Ranma1-2 posted on 19 October, 2010 - 17:17
SU-perb! ^_^

redheadgirl posted on 19 October, 2010 - 17:38
Thx for the comment my queen LOL. For a moment i was confused ... wasen't sure wich one was Kate and wich was u XD . Can't wait to take piccies at expo

PapercutPerfect posted on 19 October, 2010 - 18:19
You look utterly amazing! You really look like her, it's creepy in an awesome way 8D

sjbonnar posted on 19 October, 2010 - 18:51
You look brilliant O_O

Alyx posted on 19 October, 2010 - 18:59
so so SO Beautiful! *_*

Bambi. posted on 19 October, 2010 - 19:04
............... *rubs eyes* Its uncanny! xD You're looking lush babes!

Inuyoku posted on 19 October, 2010 - 19:54
I LOVE YOU. You look so much like her!! Kate Beckinsale is my favorite actress in the world :D

Moonchild posted on 19 October, 2010 - 20:09
This is looking amazing!! You suit her so much XD

No thanks posted on 19 October, 2010 - 20:47
oh lord you look so stunning! beautiful! <3

Mungojerrie posted on 20 October, 2010 - 08:26
Looks incredible!

Mighty Odango posted on 20 October, 2010 - 12:11
Uncanny. It honestly is difficult to tell the difference between the reference and the pictures of you - it's only the backgrounds that give it away!

Sephirayne posted on 20 October, 2010 - 13:03
I agree with Odangochan. It shows the signs of a great costume if we need to take a sec to work out which pics are you. Amazing job. I love the blouse. The whole costume is going to be so perfect and you really look like her. ;)

FairyPorchQueen posted on 20 October, 2010 - 13:07
WOW thank you so much everyone! huuuuuuge compliments there D: i love Kate so much she is easily my fave actress, i really do want to do this properly. Im devistated i dont have a prop or anything! maybe next time. Just a lil more hand stiching on the boots and they are done! :D then on to the dreaded bead sewing and jacket emboidery....

Zelda posted on 27 October, 2010 - 21:14
The progress on this gets better and better ^^ i can't wait to see this.

ElegantAura posted on 2 November, 2010 - 13:37
Costume looked beautiful as always, such a perfect Anna ^__^ Was great seeing you at expo ^__^ sooo wish could've joined you :(

SamanthaKaiba posted on 2 November, 2010 - 13:45
That outfit looks fantastic...nice job on it ^_^ it really suits you

Frederica la Noir posted on 2 November, 2010 - 13:46
Gutted was only there on the Sunday would have loved to have got a photo with you guys! The costume looks stunning, you put a great deal of effort in :D x

Alyx posted on 2 November, 2010 - 14:14
So sad I didnt see this in person TT_____TT You look beautiful!

Ranma1-2 posted on 2 November, 2010 - 14:46
Ahhhh this is incredible! You look amazing. *_*

eternal_aranel posted on 2 November, 2010 - 15:03
So glad I caught you in person! Looks fab!

Mangamad posted on 2 November, 2010 - 16:51
Coolness. ^o^ Must be a hell of a night with monsters out there. XD

phalor posted on 3 November, 2010 - 16:56
You look amazing!

MikeJenks posted on 3 November, 2010 - 21:49
Can't believe I missed this!! D8 You look perfect!

FusionRose posted on 4 November, 2010 - 15:00
This was amazing! You looked really incredible hun, the detailing was beautiful and you pulled the character off so well x.

Alias Cosplay posted on 4 November, 2010 - 19:10
Beautiful and sexy, you suit her so well, great work!

Zaiburst posted on 6 November, 2010 - 12:04
It was great seeing you in this, you suit the part perfectly.

Raye-chan posted on 8 November, 2010 - 22:04
You made such a beautiful Anna Emmy ^_^ It suited you so much

Nightrain82 posted on 11 November, 2010 - 01:17
This was just simply outstanding, it was my first time cosplaying and i didn't have the balls to come up and ask for a picture but this cosplay is fantastic :)

No thanks posted on 19 November, 2010 - 16:50
Can't think of a word that hasn't already been used for this sweetie; It was absoloutly spot on, you looked gorgeous(sp?)! I regret not getting time to stop you to catch a shot :C

LittleMissMetamorph posted on 20 November, 2010 - 00:54
Stunning!!!! wow, so gutted i missed seeing this at Expo, though i did see you as catwoman which you also rock.

Delusional posted on 26 December, 2010 - 15:38
The costume is fab, and it's utterly scary how close you look to her - that wig is spot on too. Absolutely perfect!

Sephirayne posted on 5 January, 2011 - 06:09
This is so epic and stunning. You look so much the part. I love everything about the costume. You have done such an amazing job. Gutted that I missed seeing this in person.

My__RoadOfBlood posted on 1 February, 2011 - 09:52
Still think you pull off Anna perfectly *W* Love the costume so much too, your photos are brilliant. It was nice to hang out with you & Jade for a while at Expo! ;D <3

FairyPorchQueen posted on 1 February, 2011 - 10:37
Again thanks for all the lovely comments everyone! I think it has to be one of my favurite cosplays to date! @ brooke - There will be much more hanging at this expo hopefully! <3

cowiee posted on 7 March, 2011 - 00:28
O-O-O-OMG. This is totally incredible! Gah.. wow <3

fistfighter_tifa posted on 22 March, 2011 - 13:09
I had to do a ' double take ' because I thought some of those pics were actually Kate Beckinsale xD

Pandora-Chi posted on 23 March, 2011 - 22:48
omg I actually saw you at the expo and god knows why I did not comment on this sooner??? *hits self* You seriously look like the actress herself! The detail is incredible! - You were simply amazing! ^^

Newdles posted on 5 June, 2011 - 13:32
Amazing stuff! Absolutely gorgeous!

Littlegeeky posted on 5 June, 2011 - 19:15
Such a beautiful cosplay ^_^

Alyx posted on 5 June, 2011 - 23:00
Congratulations on the showcase gorgeous! <3

MadameLapin posted on 6 June, 2011 - 00:25
Wow, this is amazing and beautiful (as are you). Such a fantastic costume! So well made. You deseve the showcase hun! <3

Frederica la Noir posted on 6 June, 2011 - 09:29
Congrats on the showcase this is definatley well deserved :D! xxx

Pandora-Chi posted on 6 June, 2011 - 10:51
Congratulations! I had such a strong feeling that this would be featured as a show case cosplay ^^ It is seriously well deserved - detail is just flawless x

tripletriad posted on 6 June, 2011 - 17:22
Huge congrats on the showcase, this definitely deserves it!

FairyPorchQueen posted on 6 June, 2011 - 20:03
Im in shock :O thanks everyone :)

Sephirayne posted on 7 June, 2011 - 12:12
Congrats on the showcase. Well deserved.

White Leviathan posted on 7 June, 2011 - 21:05
Crazy good

sjbonnar posted on 29 June, 2011 - 14:04
This is like...perfect!

Aks100 posted on 28 September, 2011 - 20:11
Is it bad that I couldn't tell you apart from Kate Beckingsale in some of the photos?

FairyPorchQueen posted on 28 September, 2011 - 21:42
No Aks, Its a massive compliment! Thank you!

FullMetal-007 posted on 14 July, 2013 - 19:25
PERFECT costume is perfect :3

ArcaneArchery posted on 5 December, 2013 - 22:26
Fantastic costume. I thought some of those photos were reference images when I first saw them

SaffronJay posted on 7 July, 2015 - 23:06
I can't believe how utterly perfect your costume is!! It's wonderful! Amazing job!

Progress Journal

15th October 2010

Buckles WIP

SOOOOO i realised i dont really post much progress even though i take lots of pics as i go along. These are the buckles that go up the side of Annas boots. Its tedious and boring to do. They are made from craftfoam, covered in an old faux suede cussion cover, and 31mm brass curtainrings to look like the buckle bit. They look shit and are rushed, but hopefully noone will even notice tbh.

8th October 2010


YES! finally my bead tops came!! happy fairy ^__^

4th October 2010

Jacket lining

.......well sort of. This is the start it looks much better now its finished. Its all hand drawn with a sharpie...the material was the red colour, im such a cheapskate lol

2nd September 2010


Corset progress!

30th August 2010


So work on this is happening alot quicker than i thought. But hopefully ill be able to post pics soon, its hard finding the right light so that you can see the colour of the velvet. Pics soooooon!

28th August 2010


so im actually starting work on this properly now!!! ABOUT TIME I DID!

15th June 2010


Ok so so far i have some boots that im going to modify, got some velvet! Leggins will be easy enough to find, might use horse riders ones as they are more durable. And have a wig that i want to use, just bidding on it atm. That blouse is going to be a bitch! Got a corset ill be dyeing a modifying too :)