Marik Ishtar - Yu-Gi-Oh!





Marik Ishtar, worn for the October/November Yorcos meet. I chose a kindofreallyhard cosplay here, found making the actual costume hardest. Especially the Millenium Rod.


hydrageon123 posted on 15 July, 2011 - 22:15
wow cool. you actually cosplayed as marik. i used to like yugioh even though its sucks now. i like the abridged series a lot anyway, marik was one of my favorite characters of the whole series, even though he was evil, in the abridged series he's even more evil, yet he's more hilarious. anyway good work with cosplaying as marik and i hope you have fun cosplaying as him at cons. oh and try brainwashing people into taking down 4kids if that was even possible roflmfao. later =D