Ryoko (Outfit from Episode 3 ) - Tenchi Muyo!




I'm unsure which outfit to do yet. I like her blue costume from the first episode and her Orange/Black one from Ep.3 but which one's better? There's only one way to find out....FIGGGGHT!

(Orange and Black won it seems)

EDIT: Now this is complete, the wig was awesome and lasted most of the weekend and survived an awful train journey up to London. However, now its really deflated and unfortunatly somebody on the Sunday decided to try and "catch" the spikes with their scythes which knocked them and weakened them, right before the masqurade :(

Aside from that, I loved wearing this costume and will wear her again though will definatly need some amendments doing (and new shoes...)


Solaria posted on 17 February, 2010 - 01:39
YAY love to Ryoko 8D

Emzone posted on 17 February, 2010 - 03:12
Ryoko = amazing XD

Bambi. posted on 17 February, 2010 - 08:08
This is gonna be awesome! <3

picklesofdoom posted on 27 February, 2010 - 11:14
Aww thanks guys! :D I hope I can make this good. LoL <3 Ryoko :D

Kouji posted on 13 March, 2010 - 21:26
ryoko is an awesome chara, can't wait to see it finished~~ <3

Freyarule posted on 8 April, 2010 - 18:07
I look forward to the boobage :3

picklesofdoom posted on 8 April, 2010 - 20:21
hehehehehhe *gigglesnort*

Freyarule posted on 9 April, 2010 - 08:21
We must re-enact the second reference pic ohohohoho

picklesofdoom posted on 12 April, 2010 - 00:05
You know you want too..LOL O_o Thats one of ma fave pics/bits though, it always makes me chuckle!

Feather-to-Earth posted on 2 June, 2010 - 19:25
Woooo this was really epic!!! Totally fab job done ^_^

Progress Journal

22nd April 2010


I ordered the perfect wig from Ebay about a week ago....I'm slightly worried now though because of all the plane problems, im wondering if it would effect it being sent. Been a bit silly really in buying it so late as I've so much to do for it. *hopes she can get it done* Why must I pick cosplays with awkward hair dos....WHYYYYYYYY!

9th April 2010

Halfway there

Boobage shape is complete. Also the sleeves have been lined, just need to line the jacket and attach said sleeve to it then its ready for the little details to go on. =^______________^=

7th April 2010

Ryoko is on her way :D

Basically started this a few days ago. Gosh its so exciting and I feel really sad because of it but I DON&#039;T CARE lmao :) I love making cosplays and Ryoko is one of my favourite characters EVER so yeah.


I started by mocking up a pattern out of scrap material. From making the jacket for Lisa Basil, I was able to construct shapes from that which will piece together nicely for Ryoko&#039;s.
Next I cut out the shapes and hit the sewing machine. (Liturally, at one point....stupid thread...) so that part is all done. Will need to line it and hem. It also needs shaping as well as shortening at the front but I will not do that until I have the purple ribbon to attach to it and can work out where that will go.

The sleeves have been cut out including the top part which will be puffed out and gathered to get the &quot;frouff&quot; effect lol, so no problems there.

I&#039;ve also started work on the tunic. The basic shape has been cut out. That didn&#039;t take as long to do as I already had a pattern for it from an exsisting pattern I had used recently for a friend&#039;s cosplay. It needs shaping on the front into a v-shape (Whoop! Boobage) and adjusting but that won&#039;t take long :)

Its going all good so far! YAY =^____^=