Tsukasa - .hack//Sign




I had planned not to make any costumes for Minami 14, until about 4 weeks before the event. At the time I had been listening to the .hack//Sign OSTs at work for a few days and made a somewhat spontanious decision.
The easiest part was the skirt, it was as simple to make as it looks. The hardest part was the jerkin, being made without a pattern or any other clothing to work off, though it was something of a rush job so I diddn't take the time to plan it as well as I should have. The first time I even got all of it on at the same time was on the Saturday I wore it.
Possibly the most interesting was the staff, it was my first forray in to making weapons and considering everything it came out very well; Cardboard, foam, paper mache, polystyrene and kebab skewers have rarely been so vehmently spread around my house. I was pleased the staff got floor approved. My favourite part is probably the hat, while not the hardest to make or best looking bit, it did look quite good and was comfortable.

The costume turned out to be quite comfortable to wear around the con, although they were under the skirt there were pockets in the trousers. The right side was slightly heavier that the left for some reason which lead to me straightening it a few times, but that wasn't really an issue.


Yuka posted on 22 March, 2008 - 13:41
I saw you at the mini con last weekend :D! Yay for Tsukasa cosplay~!! :D I like the big jewel on the side of your hat :D