Xion - Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days


I chose this because Xion is one of my fav characters from KH. Shocker right? FY2
We planned a small KH group for October, and everyone did theirs (never saw Buttons though D:) so that was awesome :'D
The hardest part was probably either the hood because it was hard to pin & sew on, or the zips because they were nightmares to sew on. The easier part was buying the coat XD Or dying it cos I did nothing really XD
I really enjoyed wearing it, but it was super hot, and post con part of one of the panels on the bottom had come off (thank you friend who I cannot remember who you are for lending me a safety pin!) and the zip is slightly detached :'D I'll fix that up when I have some free time.

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Add flaps to bottom & hood
Black out white seams
Add zip
Add chain
Dye coat black
Basic coat
Black dye
Black fabric 1 metre
Grey 50cm zip x 2
Black wig
Big cylinder bead
Small cylinder bead x 2
Shell bead x 2
Black/grey cord

Total cost: £0.00

27th October 2010

I Hate Zips

The coat has been dyed. The hood has been added (that was a b*tch to sew on). The panels on the bottom to make it the right length have been added. The bit with the snaps has been sewn in. Now for the zips. I have 4 sides to sew on. It took me at least half an hour to do one side. Oh joy Q-Q Yuki...making an entire cosplay in 6 days...not the best idea... Picture has what the coat looked like last night. Hood has been added since then.

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