Fist of the North Star, "hokuto musou"

Cosplayer: HelloKitty

Variant: white dress

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

2nd place - Hyper Japan

5th May 2010: The next step so i worked on the skirt last night and made the base,
i used a double hem in to make it nice and tidy because i didnt want to use the evil overlocker but also didnt want to add an extra layer to the dress by putting a full sealed lining,

the first pic is a side snap and the second pig in the front shot before i added the tulle section, you can see just a little in the second pic that the back isnt that much longer than the front, i've left it this way so i can decide at my leisure what heels i want to wear and trim the front once i know where the skirt will meet the floor,

i've also stolen an idea from liz's wedding dress and am putting in a hook up point so i can keep the train out of the way whilst walking around expo

the third part is the built in underskirt, i'll still need to wear a hoop but it will be mich smaller that my previous dresses and a LOT less obvious

it has a cotton top section which meets a lower sinthetic inner at which point a single layer of still tulle is attached

for the time being i have put a 6" zip in the back of the skirt and have finished it neately from the inside, i've just put a line of stay stiching around the top to keep the skirt and underskirt together because i havent yet decided if i want to make it as an all in one dress or a 2 piece top and skirt, i'm sure i'll decide over the next few days as the whole thing comes together

for now..... sleeps!

4th May 2010: it begins ..... So I finaly decided on a wig... although I'm not entirely happy with it I think I've left it a bit late to be picky,
The colour is more or less what I wanted although a bit darker would have been preferable
I'll have to sort out the centre parting and brush a few waves into it (with the help of curlers I think)
And finaly its not as long as I would have prefered, the referance shows past elbow length and this wig is a lot shorter, I decided the shorter wig would be best as I can't guarentee what quality it is until it gets here and I don't really want to be stood round brushing it all day so it doesn't look like rat tails and I generaly find shorter wigs are easier to tame...

Well next job is the actual sewing part. (God help me!)

26th April 2010: making a start, So I bought my fabric this weekend after settling on a white dutchess satin that I managed to snap up for 5.99 a mtr and have drawn out the plan for how i'm going to make it and how I need to break it down and I just need to draw up the template for the patterning and do some dip-dying tests,

Still can't find a wig of a sutable type and am contemplating dying my own hair worse case

We'll see

perfectly_purple avatar

perfectly_purple - 14th February 2010
Soooooo pwetty! O.O

kiichan avatar

kiichan - 10th October 2010
You may have had a falling out with the dress but you still look pretty! :P