I-No (Player 2 colour) - Guilty Gear XX


AyaCon 2005




This was my first ever proper cosplay and although it was not that great, I still enjoyed myself, and it was also my first anime convention so I think I was gonna have fun whatever! I wanted something that was going to be pretty easy and I-No was good because I already own and wear regularly my PVC boots and skirt, so we just had to make the top, which was also the hardest part! It looked like an easy task but it wasnt, and I struggled to keep it attached to my body at some points as I used tit-tape to attach it, bad idea! The witches hat was totally my favourite part of this cosplay, it was a damn awesome hat!


1000014 posted on 11 July, 2008 - 17:49
i remeber this is one of the first costumes i saw you in :D