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Amecon 2010


Because somebody convinced me... That and it's very pretty... Also means that I will have an actual cosplay for the ball at Ame... and because somebody convinced me... **coughvixicough** XP


yar... there will be no photos of this cosplay as it appears me and photogenic do not belong in the same sentence... not being a weeaboo or anything but the pictures of that night are indeed terrible, I'll have a photoshoot at some point to get a decent picture XP mayhap it was the alcohol.


Fabric arrived today! Huzzah! It´s a lovely faux suede with a nice weight to it, however I thought it would be black on both sides, but sadly it is not. This means that I will need completely to line the jacket something I have not done before so it should be an interesting experience! XD

I have decided that rather than buying red thigh high boots which only seem to come in monster heels which I cannot walk in even on a good day let alone day 3 of a convention. So I´m going to make boot covers, which like the lining of the jacket I have not done before, so that should be interesting too! I have so far brought my base shoes and am now working on a pattern as I have been unable to find a tutorial for laced up boots.



I realised not that long ago that it was now infact June, which meant I feasibly had around 2 months left to make all of my cosplays... bugger... So wearing my unstyled Meiko wig for inspiration I got cracking! With 10 meters of faux suede to play with I decided not to do a practice run as there is so much spare fabric that I could probably make the coat at least three times.
The main body the coat was based off of a double breasted jacket I already own, which I decided could be edited sufficiently to pass muster.
I am now in the process of figuring out through trial and error the lapels and attatched collar, which with a bit more fiddeling should be done soon...ish <_<;;
I also purchased some of the trimmings which includes some lovely gold braid, which I now think is a bit to wide, and some silver bias binding, which I think is too pale... Oh well! On I shall forge! ^_^
What I still need to buy for the coat is the lining for the jacket as the suede has a white underside, that to my eye is not aesthetically pleasing. So at one point I need to go looking for either black, or more likely red lining.

Other notes;I am in the process of making the ugliest mini dress in the world to go underneath, it needs a lot of refining and I'm not sure I'm happy with my fabric choice at the moment.
I still need to buy the red leather for my boots, but it's not the highest priority at the moment as I still have other cospays to make. o_O;;

Update 23-06-10

I have Sleeves! God I hate sleeves, I made the sleeves about four times before just giving up and working with what I had, this means that the sleeves ar´nt perfect and I´m not completely happy with them, however for the sake of my sanity I have decided to leave them as they are and just get on with finishing the costume.
I have decided to give give myself an early deadline so that not only will it be done and out of the way, but it will also be something to wear to the Versailles concert in London next wednesday! It will also be a good way to find out how wearable it will be and whether or not I than need to adjust anything.

Right anyway!
I now have some lovely red lining and a lovely matt red faux leather for the boots now all I need to do is relocate my boot patterns that I made earlier in the year so that I can start the boots though I still have not decided which boots or shoes I´m going to sacrifice in the making of these things.

all that I think that i have left to purchase is some gold chain, white gloves, a hot glue gun, tights and probably something else that i can not think of right now.

Update! 06.08.10

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG Ame is just around the corner and things are still not finished.... wank.
However progress has been made! Huzzah!
for one, I now have almost finished thigh high boots! they are not perfect by a long shot but being my first attempt at boot covers I think I have done rather well. I have located my white gloves and have finally gotten around to doing the design on the front of the jacket, rather than killing myself by trying embroidery I drew a template and painted the design on, I used a mixture of both fabric paint and acrylic and I'm rather pleased with the outcome, I'm unsure as to wether or not to add another layer of paint but for now I'm going to class it as finished.

I've now got to get started on the undergarments and I'm still not 100% sure how to go about them, but as always I will figure things out eventually.



Somehow I managed to finish this before Amecon and I wore it to the ball there are several things that I will need to change if I'm going to wear this again the coat itself was fine however I'm considering wiring the collar so that it will stay upright. the other things I need to adress are the boots they kept on falling down so I pinned them to my tights which I shall never do again and shall not reccomend to anybody. I need to also re-enforce the eyelets and sew the tongue in as the hot glue gun I used to stick it in failed me, again. I also need to sort out the red undergarment as I spent most of the night adjusting it. Other wise I am pleased! now to find pictures where I don't look like I'm Sh1tfaced.


Update... kind of...

Well two years on (almost 3) I have worn this cosplay to Aya11 and Ame12 and a couple of times in between. Between then and now the only major difference has been that I actually went back to the ugliest mini dress in the world and made it work. Tightened the boot covers, sewed the tongue in place, completely re-did the eyelets and because they refused to stay up sewed them to a pair of cut off leggings.

I have really loved this costume appart from the fact that it was so goddamn hot! the ball at Ame12 in particular nearly killed me so I have decided to retire it from conventions. Some day in the future I may remake this but definaly from a lighter fabric, untill that point, So long Meiko you made 3 conventions! XD

Kai posted on 13 February, 2010 - 12:28
Yay...and you started! I haven't yet ^^;

Mortal posted on 18 February, 2010 - 13:42
lol worry not! By starting now I might get it finished by August! <_<;;

Jenivix posted on 18 September, 2011 - 12:16
Looks awesome! Those boots! *drool*

Amy-Lou posted on 11 January, 2013 - 13:20
Very swish! You did a wonderful job with this, good idea sewing the boot covers to leggings too.

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