Seraph - Nexus War Inspired Original





Costume to be based on description from browser based text based free PvP MMORPG, something to aim to be able to produce eventually. Though I'll need to get/commision someone to draw me an image on which I can then base the costume.

Descriptive text from the game:

A tall, muscular individual with near-white 'skin' that appears to be composed of something inorganic. This man has no visible facial features: no eyes, mouth, or nose on his face. There is no trace of hair on his visible body.


A pair of great, feathered wings sprout from his back.

Your body has become increasingly mechanized. As a result, your angelic form now
includes an integrated, magical 'gun' through which you may better dispense
justice to the infidel. (Your clockwork parts hum and whirr rapidly as a magical charge builds. There is a loud clacking sound as you fire a bullet of magical energy at X.)

Your body has become increasingly mechanized, and now includes a retractable, sword-like weapon whose edge is comprised of thousands of sharp, spinning gears

You have become increasingly mechanized and your gears now include a great Soul Gear that works to rapidly replenish your magicks.

Wearing: This is a gold-colored breastplate made of an unknown metal.


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