Mai Shiranui (Alternate A) - King of Fighters - Maximum Impact 2

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For Nias Alternate KOF group! Whilst there are other designs I like more, this one will be perfect for chatting in the bar; comfy and simple.

I already have white sheepskin hidden somewhere too and I'm thinking of using jersey, fleece or something with a natural weave for the grey.

...I've just been shown her ingame footage...I don't think my boobs can defy the laws of physics.


GAINAX posted on 25 February, 2010 - 00:47

Sillabub posted on 26 April, 2010 - 11:59
Oooh, I like the design! Looking forward to seeing the finished costume! :D

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Progress Journal

4th April 2010

Jade Gems

To make the jade drops I ordered these clear drops off eBay and painted the backs with jade nail varnish. The painting can look a bit rough, so I wouldn't coat the whole thing, but it looks perfect viewed through the clear front.

27th March 2010

More Bells

My choices now were either painting the inside with acrylic gold paint, which would have brush strokes and not the same shininess, or spraying the outside and being careful when I wear them.

Sprayed up the outsides and they all look fab.

21st March 2010

Fail Bells

So the plan was to paint the inside of the acrylic spheres to have the perfectly smooth surface and keep the paint safe from knocks and chips while walking

Only the surface of a metallic spray paint goes shiny, the underside that showed through the plastic was just a dark brown >.<

6th March 2010

Belt Rope

Again using fabric left over from other costumes I had enough red and white to make this stripy tube. It's 3 times longer than it needs to be so I can gather it up and get that pouffy look.

24th February 2010


Possibly my cheapest costume ever. Between Kat and my old costume leftovers I have all the fabric covered!

Started the top last night. I've gone with two part panels on the front to keep it more fitted, though I possibly overdid it (there's no baggyness anywhere). I think the red belt should hide that, the white band can extend it and I'd have to buy more fabric if I change it, so I'm going to carry on.

I bought brown leather thonging for the accessories and some red fabric paint, but when opened the paint itself was more pink than red (so dissapointed). Just need to hunt down a big fat curtain tassel for the bottom of the tail rope.